‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: Ovi just made a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad move

Well, well, well, things just got interesting on the “Big Brother 21” live feeds. Ovi Kabir has revealed his power — but not to the right people. Sigh.

Since Ovi was unable to buy a clue about his looming eviction, Nicole Anthony took pity on him Tuesday night and gently told him that she doesn’t think the votes will go in his favor. This was really a great move for all of us because watching Ovi naively campaigning and thinking he’s locking down votes without even questioning anything was sad as hell. Thank you, Nicole.

With his back up against the wall, Ovi decided to do what we had been wanting him to do since he became the renom: tell people about his Nightmare Power. Guess we should’ve been more specific as to who those people are because he told Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie. And he told them everything about it, keeping nothing vague, promising to take both of them off if they were ever the initial nominees together.

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“I can be your real shield. I won the Nightmare Power,” he said. “That power is for the next six weeks. If two people are put on the block, I can decide to have them come off the block and they are safe. … If someone tries to put you guys up, I will use my power to bring you guys down.”

The Jacks’ minds were blown. They made Ovi shake on it that he’s not lying and he’d use it on them. Then they promised they’ll try to figure out how to swing votes Ovi’s way. “How do you convince our squad that we keep him without letting them know that we have the power? That’s why I brought up Christie [Murphy]. Christie has got to be offered immunity,” Jack told Jackson after Ovi left the room.

The Jacks then told Christie and Tommy Bracco all about Ovi’s power and why he should stay over Kathryn Dunn because he could be a number for Gr8ful and protect them. Christie immediately poo-pooed it because Ovi didn’t tell Christie about his power first, so this proves that she can’t trust him.

“That shows me that he would never use it to save me because he didn’t tell me about it,” she said.

“Not necessarily,” Jackson replied.

“I don’t feel comfortable with a power like that,” Christie retorted. “Get the f— out. I manifested this.”

Jackson tried his hardest to sway Christie, pitching that they could get Ovi to protect the Six Shooters, which is everyone in Gr8ful except for Isabella Wang and Nick Maccarone. “If he agrees it applies to us six, if it’s used to save one of us, no one knows he has it,” Jackson said. “You know who is left? Bella, Nicole, Cliff [Hogg III]. We could flip the house against Bella.”

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Christie was not having it at all though. She wants to send Ovi and his power out right now and said if Ovi ever returned to the house in a Battle Back or whatever, they would immediately expose his power and re-evict him. Tommy also pointed out that the power wouldn’t benefit them that much because the original nominees would be saved, but two other people from their alliance could be the renoms. By the end of the convo, the Jacks were pretty much back to where they started.

So, yeah, it’s still not looking good for Ovi. The Jacks are definitely interested in keeping Ovi and his power now that they know about it, but mostly for their benefit since they know they’re targets (Jack mostly). But the problem is they can’t tell their crew that’s the real reason why they want Ovi to stay because that doesn’t protect anyone else but them. They might still try to convince people on Wednesday, but this seems to be another season of “whatever the HOH wants” and Christie is adamant now about booting Ovi.

As for Ovi, it is a good move he finally told someone about his power because that was the only card that he had left. His terrible decision was choosing to tell the Jacks. Poor innocent Ovi thinks they are legit friends and the Jacks (especially Jack) have his back. Dude, they don’t give a sh– about you. You were on Jack’s insane four-week boot list. Part of this is because Ovi cluelessly made that faux Fam Five alliance with them that only he thinks is real. He has an absolutely abysmal read on the house. He hasn’t picked up on the fact that Jack is getting on people’s nerves with the way he’s acting like he’s running the house and that lots of people want him out. It’s a classic case of someone desperately wanting to ingratiate themselves with the popular kids and naively believe anything the popular kids tell them.

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Ovi’s best move would’ve been to tell someone like Christie since she is HOH and, you know, the person who put him up (she does need to chill the eff out on the “How DARE Ovi not tell me first!” b.s. HOHtitis much?). He could’ve also gone to anyone on the other side of the house since a bunch of them, Kemi Faknule and Jessica Milagros namely, hate Jack and they could rally votes. But this would also require him realizing that people don’t like Jack.

As Tommy said to Cliff earlier — before Ovi revealed his power — Ovi “is going to the wrong people. He is trying to get Jack’s team. He should be going with the people that don’t want Jack. I want to tell him, but I can’t.”

“If he could get Nicole and Jess…” Cliff suggested.

“That’s where he should be going,” Tommy agreed. “The numbers that don’t want Jack here.”

And speaking of Nicole, did it even cross Ovi’s mind to tell her about his power — the person who told him that he was being evicted? It wasn’t his BFFs the Jacks who told him. The fact that he didn’t her, someone who clearly was trying to help him out, says a lot about his gameplay or lack thereof.

Things can still change Wednesday, especially if word gets out in the whole house about Ovi’s power. Ovi is trying very, very hard, but he didn’t do himself any favors by digging his own grave deeper when when he had a way to climb out.

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