‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: Sam just gave Tommy more ammunition to go after him

You know it’s a boring eviction eve when the most exciting thing in the “Big Brother 21” house was a fashion show. That and Jackson Michie‘s disappearance in the evening. Oh, he’s back. Apparently he had a freakout about something, but we’ll never know the specifics because the feeds keep cutting away from Christie Murphy whenever she talks about it. Anyway, Wednesday was a snooze because everyone and their mother know Isabella Wang is getting the boot, but Thursday started off with a little more promise when Sam Smith confronted Tommy Bracco.

At around 1 a.m. PT in the bathroom, Sam told Tommy that he can’t trust him because anything Sam has told him has gotten out to other people (aka the Six Shooters). Tommy, obviously, denied it and tried to twist it by saying he wouldn’t have spilled if Sam had said he couldn’t tell anyone. Sam countered that he didn’t think he’d explicitly have to say it for things that are obvious. “If you did, I wouldn’t have said it,” Tommy retorted. Not a great defense, dude.

Sam then segued into the Nick Maccarone and Bella of it all, and how the Six Shooters blindsided their former Gr8ful alliance members last week for no real good reason. “The fact that Nick and Bella are being ostracized for playing both sides when everyone else is without ostracizing everybody else, that’s a little weird,” Sam pointed out.

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Tommy continued to play dumb and claim he’s not sure if it’s exactly like that. But Sam wasn’t having it and went into the bane of his existence, Gr8ful. “Since Day 3, I’ve been lied to about the whole Gr8ful thing,” he said. “Then people started to backtrack and started Unde9able when you still had Gr8ful going on, that’s hilarious.” Tommy argued that the formation of Unde9able signaled the end of Gr8ful, but Sam called bullsh– on that too because he “still heard people dropping Gr8ful everywhere.”

Then Sam went for the jugular. “Nobody broke the alliance. There was no break,” he said. “Nick never said he was gonna put you guys up … when you look at the long run — me, Nick and Bella — we still held the alliance of the majority of us the whole time. You guys were the ones that flipped and went behind the alliance. It wasn’t us.”

Sam out here laying straight facts. Gotta respect it. Desperate times call for desperate measures since he’s losing one of his allies this week while Six Shooters, aka the people he thought he was good with, continue to run the house. Tommy probably knew Sam was right about all of this, but he obviously couldn’t admit that because he has to run with his crew. He just kept it vague and cool with the deflective, “I’m sorry you see it that way,” and told Sam that things can change. Giving no more f—s, Sam told him that he knows that he and Nick are being targeted next, which Tommy predictably blew off.

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But as we know, with the blindside to evict Cliff Hogg III over Nicole Anthony in place last week, Tommy campaigned to backdoor Sam next because he viewed Sam as Nick and Bella’s “security blanket.” So now that they’ve had this lovely exchange, you can bet your ass that Tommy will triple-underline and circle Sam’s name on his hit list. It was nice knowing you, Sam.

Sam relayed the convo to Nick and vowed to hang onto the wall — which is what they’re expecting the HOH comp to be — until he loses his fingers. (Unfortunately, if it is the wall comp, Tommy has a better chance of winning it since the comp rewards smaller, compact people with low centers of gravity.)

As for Bella, she spent the night saying goodbye to people and wondering what Julie Chen Moonves would ask her. But she did get some good news: Nick asked her to be his girlfriend, to which she giddily said yes. He also told her that he told Jackson that Christie had said she wants to go after Jackson because of how he treats women, but who knows if that will become a thing since Christie will probably literally talk her way out of that.

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