‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: The Save Kemi campaign goes into overdrive as a new target emerges

Wednesdays are the most interesting days in the “Big Brother” house. That’s when campaigns go into high gear right before eviction day, and it was no exception this week as Kemi Fakunle & Co. tried to flip the vote, alas to no avail.

Now that Isabella Wang has told Sam Smith that he’s the ninth person in an eight-person alliance, a lightbulb went off and he realized it might be better for him to keep Kemi over Jessica Milagros. He told Kemi Wednesday morning he has some new intel and would like to try to secure votes from Bella, Nick Maccarone, Nicole Anthony, Christie Murphy, Tommy Bracco and Cliff Hogg III to keep Kemi. After telling Nick, Bella and Christie, who ostensibly sounded open to it (but we all know Christie is not) because Kemi could be the one to take a shot at Jack, Sam floats the idea to Jack, pitching it as Jessica would target all the guys since she’s been so vocal about girl power, so they’re in danger. Jack appears to consider the idea, but the highlight of this exchange was when he accidentally mentioned Gr8ful to Sam.

“Kemi has directly went after you. Jess is coming after all of the guys. If we were to get out Jess, and put Kemi and Cliff up next week,” Sam said.

“I have made it very clear that it’s whatever is best for Gr8ful — I mean, whatever is best for our nine,” Jack blurted out.

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Sam played dumb, but honestly, would he have even noticed if he didn’t already know about Gr8ful? Hard to say. Jack relayed  the convo to Holly Allen and Analyse Talavera, but dismissed his Freudian slip because “Gr8ful doesnt matter. It’s dead.” He’s all about the Six Shooters now. The three of them also agreed that Christie talks too much and shouldn’t have told Nick and Bella that she had overheard cliff since Gr8ful is the outs with that couple.

Kemi then tried to clear the air herself with Jack, who asked Tommy to be witness to their chat so no one could twist words around. They got to the bottom of his animosity toward her, which is the dumbest thing ever: He’s still pressed about an offhanded comment she made the first week about him making food and coming off as cocky. She told him it was a joke because she didn’t even know anything about him at that point.

The Six Shooters discussed keeping Kemi, but eventually agreed she needs to go. Christie complained about how Sam, Nick and Bella want to save Kemi now. Things eventually shifted to a Nick-bashing session. Christie, Holly, Analyse and Nicole discussed how he tried to frame Nicole as wanting to target Analyse and Holly the night before. Nicole insisted she never named names when he asked who she would nominate, and Holly and Analyse said they believe her and that it was just Nick planting seeds.

Nicole told them that it was Bella who started Black Widows and that Kemi wasn’t even in the room when it was formed, and Kemi is ready to take out Bella since  she’s betrayed her. When Nicole is gone, Christie said Nicole made a lot of great points about Bella and Nick’s dirty gameplay,  but she still thinks Kemi has to go first.

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“I agree with every single thing she said about Nick and Bella. Nicole is great. She wants to go after Nick and Bella,” Christie said. “The only thing that I do not agree with is the Kemi vs Jess thing. I still think it should be Kemi. Kemi still has to go.”

“Nick came in super f—ing paranoid. I feel bad for Nicole. Now he is going to try and get her. He is going to try and corner her and say, ‘What were you saying?” Analyse said.

“He is a straight-up bully. That’s why him and Bella are a match made in heaven,” Christie replied.

The most hilarious part is that Nick is completely oblivious that people are onto him, let alone that his own alliance wants to be done with him and Bella. He kept telling Nicole he’s good with the majority and no one has talked about him, though he could not explain how he knew despite her grilling him. Tommy later asked Nick if Sam knew about Gr8ful and Nick said no. (Narrator: He does.)

“Nick has no idea how loud he is being,” Jack noted.

“He is a very dumb game player,” Tommy said. “He is stupid. He is playing really dumb and he thinks he is playing amazing.”

At least Bella is aware she’s in trouble because she’s been running her mouth (and we also have that confirmed thanks to her Diary Room confession on Wednesday’s episode), so she wants Kemi to stay, but Nick, despited telling Kemi she has a bunch of votes she doesn’t have, now is unsure about going against the house because he doesn’t want to ruffle feathers too early if the numbers aren’t there.

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While Nick is running around like a chicken with his head cut off, everyone else is considering the possibility of targeting him and Bella — and who to evict first — next week instead of Jess and Cliff. But ultimately, Christie decided she’s not ready to take a shot at Nick and Bella yet. Surprise, surprise. When are you ready to take a shot at anything, Christie? Still waiting for that manifestation? Jack later told Analyse that the next HOH would be a good one for her to win because nominating Jessica and Cliff would be easy as opposed to going after Nick and Bella so soon.

Sam, meanwhile, is coming out good on both sides here from all of this. Jack thinks Sam is solid with the Six Shooters, but Sam knows about Gr8ful and knows he’s a free agent looking out for himself now. He told Nicole about Jack’s Gr8ful faux pas and named the eight. “They were talking to me and they were like, ‘I am trying to do what’s best for the eight. ‘Then then they said, ‘It all depends what’s going to help us nine.’ We talked more. ‘It all comes down to the eight,'” he said. So now Nicole has some news she could use with Sam going forward.

Still, this was all a futile effort to save Kemi. The Six Shooters won’t budge, so unless something crazy goes down Thursday, Kemi is heading to Camp Comeback. But since none of these people know how to be discreet or even lie well, at least both Nick and Bella are on everyone’s radar now, so if someone outside of Gr8ful wins HOH, we may finally have some shifts in the game.

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