‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: To tell or not to tell? Someone else may learn of the blindside scheme

We made it. It’s eviction day on “Big Brother 21” and the Six Shooters’ plan to blindside Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang by saving Nicole Anthony is still in motion. But when everyone is on board and you have so much time on your hands, you start to second-guess some things — like if you should tell anyone else about it.

The immediate answer is obviously no. Loose lips sink ships and nobody can keep their mouths shut in this house. Plus, when you’re betraying your own alliance members, it’s best to keep that on the D-L as much as possible. But the Six Shooters started debating Wednesday whether or not to tell Kathryn Dunn their plan so it wouldn’t be obvious that it’s the Six Shooters within Gr8ful who have turned on Nick and Bella. Jackson Michie was immediately against it.

“She is going to blow our f—ng cover,” he told Tommy Bracco. “We haven’t told anyone for days. Why are we going to tell Kat of all people?”

“She will trust us more moving forward,” Tommy countered. “It exposes the alliance if we don’t tell her.”

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Holly Allen added that Kat would remain “valuable” if she were a mole on Nick’s side and Jackson pointed out that Kat has a bad pokerface, so she wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret. Christie, as she wont to do, later started second-guessing if Jackson and Holly will actually save Nicole since they don’t want to tell Kat, but Tommy thankfully reined her in. “They don’t want to tell Kat because they said that she has a bad pokerface and she will give it completely away,” he said.

Christie and Analyse Talavera want to tell Kat because she might be mad that she wasn’t included after it all goes down. “Kat is going to be upset and that’s a number that we are losing,” Analyse noted, suggesting they tell Kat shortly before the vote.

“When this is all said and done, and we lose Kat as an ally, I’m not taking the heat for it,” Christie said.

Tommy agreed that Kat should know, and when Lots of Love (lol) regrouped, Jack Matthews was also down with clueing in Kat and still letting her vote the way she wants. “That’s the best option, telling Kat and leaving it up to her,” Christie said. “Have Michie and Holly tell her as we are going up to vote,” Jack added. Later, Jackson and Holly finally acquiesced and agreed to tell Kat right before the vote.

So if they follow through and the vote is 7-3 to evict Cliff Hogg III, it’s all because of Kat. It’s not a bad idea to tell Kat, but telling her also runs the risk of her possibly telling someone else, though she probably won’t do that. But bringing her in pads the Six Shooters’ numbers and makes her feel included and part of the first real game-changer of the season (she has bemoaned about how boring the show probably has been the past few weeks with straightforward evictions). Furthermore, she’s been flirting up a storm with David Alexander and if he wins Camp Comeback, they could find themselves working with the Six Shooters.

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David and Jackson had a chat in the evening, with Jackson telling him he wants him to return and that if he returns, he’ll immediately see who the targets are (ahem, Nella). Jackson also promised David that he wouldn’t put him up and will do everything he can to guarantee that David doesn’t go straight out again. “I know for certain that if I won HOH, you in terms of being a priority to put up — you are near the bottom of that list. You will see for yourself. You have got to take my word for it,” he said. “You handle your end, you get your ass back into this game, and I’ll do my end to make sure that you don’t get sent right back out.”

David tells him he’s been wanting to work with Jackson since the beginning, which could just be him blowing smoke, but at this point, he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. Jackson told the ladies of Six Shooters about the convo and how no one would expect him and David to work together. He and Christie then agreed that Bella has got to go first because she’s been controlling Nick like a puppet.

So the stage is set and the match is waiting to be struck for our first blindside of the season. Remember how we got one every week last season? Those were the days. But this is the shake-up is what we need to kick this season into gear.

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