‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: With a blindside in place, a new name surfaces as a Week 4 target

After Christie Murphy‘s intuition-induced freakout on Monday’s live feeds, Tuesday was pretty low-key in the “Big Brother” house. The Six Shooters’ blindside is still a-go to save Nicole Anthony and evict Cliff Hogg III, so talk naturally turned to plans for next week.

As we know, the Six Shooters want to keep Nicole against Nick Maccrone‘s plan so Nicole can help them target Nick and Isabella Wang together and Gr8ful can die once and for all. But now Tommy Bracco thinks the best way to take them down isn’t to evict one of them first but to backdoor their third wheel, Sam Smith. Tommy repeatedly pitched to his crew Tuesday to take out Sam, saying if he won HOH, he’d put Nick and Bella up and then backdoor Sam with the Veto because he believes Sam is the brains of that operation. Which is LOL since Sam didn’t realize he was the ninth person in an eighth-person alliance until Bella said it to his face. Very observant this one.

“Without [Sam] — he is their security blanket — they would have no numbers,”  Tommy said. “They would revert back to us. Then we would be able to get rid of them when we get down to eight. … We can use them as numbers still. If we get rid of Sam, they lose that security blanket.”

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Tommy said he would even throw the Veto to Bella or Nick to ensure that one of them comes off the block so he could renom Sam. “Once they are not in power, I feel completely good to expose everything,” he said. “I will say, ‘As mediator, I came to a conclusion of who I think was in the wrong and in the right. This is me standing up for Nicole because she was interrogated, she was bullied, and it was by you two, so you are both on the block. Nick, I tried to warn you, I tried to protect you, but you went rogue.’ I’ll say, ‘You are not my targets. I want to bring the eight back together. If you tell [Sam] about it, one of you goes.'”

Christie, who had wanted to target Nick first, and Jack Matthews, ooh-ed and aah-ed over Tommy’s plan and agreed it would be a solid play because Sam is dangerous and could win the game. Jackson Michie also jumped on board with the plan later when Tommy told him because Sam is the “the bite behind their bark.” Analyse Talavera and Holly Allen were a tad more reluctant, saying they weren’t opposed to the plan but would rather split up Nick and Bella first, but they basically were like, “OK, fine, whatever you want.” “The longer Bella stays in this game, she will make our lives miserable,” Holly said. “But I don’t hate that idea [of targeting Sam] at all.”

Going after Sam isn’t a terrible idea — he’s great at comps and has a good social game — but they’re all giving him more credit than he deserves for being the alleged mastermind of the Nick and Bella brain trust; there are no brains behind that. Sam was a free agent who unbeknownst to him was working with an eight-person alliance and has already felt burned by Bella and Nick after she stunned him with the Gr8ful reveal and he told Jack and Christie that Sam knew about it. Yes, he’s closer to Bella and Nick than he is to the Six Shooters, but it would be easy to rope in Sam to go after Bella and Nick too and to use him as a number. They did, after all, just included him in that nine-person alliance, Und9able, after the bashing Nicole on Friday.

Meanwhile, Sam talked to Kemi Fakunle about the power that he thought she said Jessica Milagros had. He told her that he knows who actually has it (Christie), but wouldn’t say the person’s name because it could be a test to see if he would tell someone. Kemi then asked him who he would nominate and he pled the fifth too. “It’s a little safe, but it’s not what the house wants. It wouldn’t ruffle feathers,” he teased, denying that it was Christie when Kemi asked.

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Kemi told him that she would put up the Jacks, which would blow people’s minds because they probably expect her to do Nick and Bella. Sam then said there are people who don’t bring anything to the game and noted now Andy (“the redhead”) won Season 15 because he was in an alliance with a showmance. “If there was someone like the redhead in here, who do you think that would be?” Kemi asked, taking the bait. “I have an idea. I want to see if you have the same idea. I feel there is someone who is tight with showmances.”

“Tommy,” Sam said.

“Yeah,” Kemi agreed.

So it’ll be hilarious if Sam and Tommy are planning to target each other without the other knowing. Though there are bigger fish to fry, Tommy is a good target too since he’s friendly with everyone and is Christie’s No. 1, thanks to their outside relationship.

As for this week’s nominees, Cliff is still doing his Cliff Notes and hasn’t campaigned to anyone, which Christie said she would use that as a reason for why she evicted him. Nicole plans to campaign more on Wednesday and the Six Shooters don’t want to tell Nicole she’s safe so she doesn’t get comfortable and set off alarms. Also, that would be the best TV for all of us if half the house is shocked on Thursday.

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