‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: The houseguest banished from the game (probably) is…

Look at “Big Brother 21” bringing back “banished” here like it’s Season 1. So cute. Not as cute? That ruthless Camp Director twist. At the end of Tuesday’s premiere, Jackson Michie won the title of Camp Director with 10 votes before Julie Chen Moonves dropped the real twist on him: He has to nominate four houseguests to banish from the game and those four will compete to stay alive with three returning and the fourth banished for good (or you know, until a Battle Back). So who was the person eliminated? It will be revealed on Wednesday’s episode, but we think we’ve figured it out.

Warning: If you don’t want to know other spoilers, like who won Head of Household, shoo right now. Because that is pertinent here.

Last chance. OK.

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An audio leak on the live feeds Friday morning (circa 9:38 a.m. PT if you want to listen yourself) revealed that Christie Murphy won HOH. She and Nicole Anthony — later joined by Ovi Kabir — had a chat about her potential nominees. Christie wants to put up a male and a female to be fair, and she is thinking about using Cliff Hogg III as a pawn because she thinks he’d have the votes to stay and she also doesn’t want “the older guy” to be the first person evicted. She also talked about him being a “repeat nominee.” Her target at the time was Kathryn Dunn because she’s been put off by her “negative energy” and “paranoia.” Kathryn has also started a showmance with Jackson, and after the HOH comp was over, according to Christie, Kathryn came up to her and said, “I know you’re gonna nominate me because I fell first. It’s gonna be me and Jack, right?”

Christie also wants Jackson gone, but she thinks it’s too early to target him and someone else can take care of him later. She does not trust him because he has allegedly reneged on a promise he had made to other people. At the time, obviously, we had no context for what Christie was talking about, but now we know it was this Camp Director twist.

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“Apparently, Michie had promised like — made a pact that the four people that volunteered in the beginning made a total pact to each other that no matter who got it, they weren’t going to pick any of them for it because they stood up and they volunteered. Cliff and Jess both told me that. And then Michie went and nominated all three of them,” Christie told Nicole. “He didn’t burn me … but that to me, to look someone in the eye, to me, that’s dangerous. And if I was any one of them three, I would immediately not trust him. So me as being the bystander, I think he’s untrustworthy.”

The four people who campaigned — “volunteered” — to be Camp Director were, in order, Cliff, David Alexander, Jessica Milagros and Jackson. So apparently Jackson broke a promise and picked Cliff, David and Jessica to be banished. It’s unclear who the fourth person he chose was, but that’s not important. Because whoever that fourth person was survived the challenge — a “lost in the woods” twist on the black box comp — and the person who was banished is probably David.

How do we know this? The swimsuit photos.

CBS released the annual pool shots on Monday and “BB” fanatics instantly noticed that David looked Photoshopped in in one of them.

Totally realistic. Even if you don’t think he looks flat, he’s the only person grinning while everyone else has their mouth open as if they’re screaming, “Camp BB!” There’s also the fact that Analyse Talavera‘s arm would be jutting into David’s back at that angle and the Case of Tommy Bracco‘s Missing Left Leg. I know he can lift his leg over his head, but who knew he could make it disappear too? (This is not the first time the swimsuit photos have “spoiled” a result; Cameron was also Photoshopped in in the “Big Brother 19” pictures.)

Further evidence that David was not with the gang for the shoot? Tech-savvy Redditors checked the timestamps on the solo photos. The houseguests were photographed alphabetically by first name, from Analyse to Tommy, but David’s were done almost an hour and a half after Tommy’s. Like they had to drag him back in from sequester to do this. They were also uploaded later too — after the group shots.

All pointing to David indeed being the Night 1 boot. Don’t worry, though. Since the game is 99 days, we will definitely have at least one Battle Back, so we may see David again.

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