‘Big Brother 21’ spoilers: Christie just made a desperate pitch and Jackson straight-up snapped: ‘F— it and f— them too’

It’s time to play Who Said It? Who said this on “Big Brother 21”: “We need to get the Six back together.”

If you guessed Tommy Bracco, you are correct! If you guessed Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera, you are also correct! After Christie and Analyse spent Saturday pouting, whining, crying and complaining about how this is not fair because they never lie or trash-talk others — we’ll pause for laughter… 1… 2…3, OK — following Jackson Michie‘s Veto win, the three of them spent all day Sunday trying to come up with ways to get Jackson to use the Veto so both Christie and Analyse can stay.  This, naturally, involved trying to get the gang back together once again.

Look, guys, I know you’re desperate, but it hasn’t worked the past two weeks — and lest we forget, Christie, when things were going well for her, had been just as adamant about not working again with Jackson as he has been about not working again with her — why do you think on earth Jackson and Holly Allen (but really, Jackson) will change their minds now, especially when he knows exactly why you are doing this: to save Christie’s ass?

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As part of their brilliant plan, they decide to pitch Jessica Milagros as the replacement nom. After being on absolutely no one’s radar, Jess has landed in the side spotlight after she blew up the house last week exposing the NuSix deal. She and Nicole Anthony are no longer good, and Nick Maccarone is convinced Jess is coming after him, so he wants to take her out next week. Everyone’s also onto Nick’s sliminess, but since Nick and Jackson are good for now, Christie, Analyse and Tommy believed Jess was the best option. The next best option after that? Nicole, because losing her would weaken Nick. “The Jess thing would be great. If Michie and Holly do have some sort of a deal with Jess, I’m going to say, ‘You know how you mentioned Nicole being more dangerous? I have been thinking about that too,'” Christie said.

Christie made her pitch and Jackson just sat there like a statue, which was kind of amazing. His internal monologue was probably just counting down the minutes until he could eat a watermelon again because he is most definitely not using the Veto, as he reiterated to Tommy and Analyse, who checked in on him later.

“[Christie] might be able to help me a few weeks, but at some point she is going to have to turn on me. I don’t know if I will be able to get this opportunity again,” he told them.

“Christie stays and we come together and have the best f—ing army that has ever happened in this game. People will eat it up,” Tommy argued.

Narrator: We won’t.

Tommy and Analyse’s campaign did slightly win over Holly, who’s worried about her and Jackson’s standing after this week. Holly has also been dying to get Nick out because she doesn’t trust him and re-pitched him as a renom option, which Jackson immediately killed and then went off on Christie, Analyse and Tommy.

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“They have officially been backed into a corner. I think what it ultimately boils down to is they are scared is because all they have is Six Shooters. They waited too little too late,” he said, adding that he can’t keep Christie because he can’t beat both her and Tommy down the line (spare a thought for Analyse, who doesn’t have any). “I am not going to make a decision that is not best for my game cause it’s better for someone else’s. … What have I been for the past three weeks? A f—ing target. I’m not going to go back to people that have continued to f— me over.

“What the f— do we owe these people? They are coming after us while covering their own asses. Why do I need to do a favor for them? Where the f— have y’all been 61 days? Not in my corner. F— it and f— them too. I am sure as hell not about to waste my HoH and my opportunity to better my game for people that don’t give a sh– about me or you. We are disposable to them. They want to use us and toss us to the side. They don’t care about us. If they want to have our backs, they can prove it when Christie goes out the door. I’m not going to get sweet-talked into a deal to do what’s best for them. If I was watching this, I would be screaming at the television if me as a person was considering keeping Christie.”

Yes, Jackson, we would be. But we’re not because you well done snapped and are out here spitting facts. Christie and Analyse are the definition of delusional (less so Tommy because he could see what was happening and tried to curb Christie and Analyse’s complaining over the weekend) and are all high and mighty when things go their way. But the second they are personally affected, it’s everyone else’s fault and they can’t see or understand what they’ve done to find themselves in this situation because in their minds they’re always been good and perfect. So, no, you don’t owe them anything.

And honestly, Analyse is the saddest of them all. At least Christie knows she’s Jackson’s target, but Analyse could not for the life of her figure out that she’s a pawn and is on the block to take a vote away from Christie until Jackson literally told her Saturday night after she spent all day bitching about Holly and Jackson. This, of course, after Jackson told her in their pre-noms talk that she is not his target and she needs to have faith in him. But Analyse does not pick up much that anyone throws down. The lights are on, but there’s never anyone home.

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Later, Nick stirred the pot to get Jess as a renom by telling Jackson that Jessica had said that he, Jackson and Tommy have a final three (they don’t, and she only floated it as a hypothetical). Jackson was not pleased after he confirmed with Cliff that Jess had said it, but that didn’t change anything. Meanwhile, Jess cozied up to Christie and Analyse, telling them that she doesn’t want Christie to go, so yeah, she still has her Christie blinders on. She implored Christie to make a deal and pitch Nick as the renom, but Christie is hesitant in case he and Jackson have a deal, so Jess suggested Nicole. Since she now knows Jess wants her to stay, she feels bad pitching Jess too, but oh, well, she’s already done it. Christie wants to make her final pitch Monday morning before the Veto ceremony.

She might as well save her time and tears because Jackson is not accepting any deal and he’s not using that Veto. The man is on a mission this week and no one is going to deter him, least of all the person he’s been dying to get out of the house. It’s time to play chess, not checkers, after all.

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