‘Big Brother 21’ spoilers: Tommy and Christie can’t get on the same page, and we’ve been waiting for this day

Well, so much for that. The new final six deal between Tommy Bracco, Christie Murphy, Analyse Talavera, Nick Maccarone, Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony on “Big Brother 21” isn’t happening — this week at least. Tommy has gotten cold feet about it as he and Christie are diverging on how to move forward. Couldn’t this have happened earlier? Sigh.

On Tuesday, Tommy started having second thoughts about making things official with Cliff this week and would rather wait until next week to do it because he is still married to the idea of reuniting the Six Shooters with Holly Allen and Jackson Michie. Earth to Tommy: That is fetch.


In Tommy’s mind, since he can’t play in the next HOH, he doesn’t want to form a new group, target the couple depending on who wins HOH, and then show his cards and lose Holly’s and Jackson’s jury votes if word gets out about the new group. “If we make the deal, we are going to be stuck working with Nicole and Cliff over Holly,” he told Analyse. “I don’t want that. We would lose their votes because we have no loyalty.”

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Tommy has also realized that he was on people’s hit list this week if he hadn’t won HOH, so he wants that target to shrink by having Christie win HOH next and him being protected everywhere. Deterring him even more from making the deal were Holly and Jackson suggesting the five hash it out Tuesday night (the five are all pretending like everything is kosher between them even though it is not), and Kathryn Dunn promising Tommy she won’t nominate him if she stays. Tommy’s piss-poor argument is that Cliff has never offered him that, and Nick was like, “Well, why won’t you make an individual deal with him?” And then Tommy’s like, “Oh, right. Maybe.” Keep fishing for excuses, dude.

Everyone else is on board with the new final six because they want Jackson and Holly out next, not to mention Analyse and Christie, the latter especially, have no interest in making a new five from the leftover Six Shooters. Christie still can’t stand Jackson, which is perfect because he still can’t stand her. She’s tired of Tommy forcing the issue and wanted no part in the planned five-person pow-wow.

“I don’t want to be caught in the middle of two groups of people. I’m not going to play pretend when I know that if [Holly and Jackson] felt comfortable with that side of the house, they would be gunning for us,” Christie told Analyse.

“I am scared for Tommy if he doesn’t take [the deal with Cliff],” Analyse said.

“He is pushing me to be back with Holly and Michie, but I’m not going to do it,” Christie vowed.

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Later, when Tommy worried about having to “juggle this,” Christie flat-out told him that she’s “not trying to juggle Michie and Holly.” “I am confused what he is worried about. No one is coming after him,” Analyse told Christie.

Well, Analyse, you see, Tommy and Christie are trying to play completely different games now. Tommy is still on the “loyalty” train; that’s why he wants the Six Shooters to reconcile. He wants to be good with everyone, but he’s too afraid to agree to work with anyone new — aka the new group with Cliff and Nicole — because he doesn’t want to burn Holly and Jackson and lose their jury votes. Someone remind him that Holly and Jackson are over the Six Shooters; they only have to pretend like they care this week because Tommy’s HOH and their closest ally, Kat, is likely leaving. Tommy’s worst nightmare was the Six Shooters imploding and scattering because he couldn’t totally fall back on his loyalty card for the entire alliance. So now he’s over here trying to come up with reasons why he can’t shake it on with Cliff because he wants to cover all sides.

Christie, meanwhile, is the opposite. She and Jackson both know there is no love (and trust) lost between them, so she’s ready to draw the line in the sand and cut off Holly and Jackson completely because she knows they will definitely target her if either of them wins HOH. She’s never been interested in reuniting the Six Shooters, and now the more Tommy pushes it, the more annoyed she is. In other words, Tommy is still playing scared and defensively, while Christie is willing to take the risk (as much as working with Cliff and Nicole is a risk) and move forward and adapt to a new game plan.

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Unfortunately for us, Tommy and Christie never came to blows over this, as the five-person meeting never happened and none of this — or Kat’s campaign and Holly’s campaign on Kat’s behalf — changed people’s votes. As a quite self-aware Analyse said, “I think I might be slow to process things, but it was occurring to me that maybe one of the reasons [Holly and Jackson] want Kat to stay is Kat is good with people on the other side to try and [will] keep them safe.” Oh, sweetie, that is true, but congrats on getting there!

By the end of the night, Tommy reaffirmed that it was the “right decision” for Cliff to stay, but he still doesn’t want to commit to the new group this week. So Kat is still going as of now, but the Six Shooters definitely do not look like they’re getting back together at least. And maybe, just maybe, Tommy’s second-guessing and pussyfooting are the beginnings of a Tommy-Christie fracture. Manifest it.

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