‘Big Brother 21’ spoilers: Tommy’s target may not be who you’d expect

The “Big Brother” gods giveth, the “Big Brother” gods taketh away. After Jack Matthews was finally evicted on Thursday’s episode and then got grilled to the high heavens about his ugly and offensive comments about Kemi Fakunle and Isabella Wang, birthday boy Tommy Bracco won HOH. Tommy’s plans are a tad surprising, compared to what his allies want, and needless to say, this is not good for the underdogs, but the Field Trip could derail a number of plans.

“Big Brother” is never fun when one side or alliance is running the house — and worse when said alliance is a bunch of bullies — which was the case this entire season until Jessica Milagros‘ HOH (Cliff Hogg III‘s HOH got screwed by the threat of Christie Murphy‘s power) shook things up (credit to the Six Shooters’ capitulation for its part). So it would’ve been fun if the underdogs could have gotten two straight weeks in power to gain some momentum before the power shifted again. Alas, the remnants of the Six Shooters are back in charge, and Tommy is desperate to get the Six Shooters back together.

Tommy is that guy at the bar who wants to go another round until close when everyone else is halfway out the door. Time to move on, dude. He’s as delusional as Jack was about his Operation Blackmail Kat plan that everything could go back to normal with the five of them now. But being HOH gives him so much leveraging power, and he’s already declared that Christie, Analyse Talavera, Jackson Michie and Holly Allen are not going on the block. Jackson was expecting to go up as pawn for a potential backdoor, which would be an easy option, but Tommy told him he wasn’t even considering it, though he would give Jackson a heads-up if he does it. “I don’t want you up as a pawn because people would vote you out,” Tommy told him.

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So who is he going to nominate out of Cliff, Jess, Kathryn Dunn, Nick Maccarone and Nicole Anthony? After saying he wanted to make this decision on his own, he eventually told Christie and Analyse that he will do Cliff and Kat noms with Kat as the target and Nicole as the renom option. Tommy believes Kat is the common denominator between the groups (Cliff, Nicole, Nick and Kat; Jackson, Holly, Jess and Kat), and he wants to use this week to get closer to Jess and bring in Nick completely to the leftover Six Shooters side. The best part of this convo is that Tommy said Kat is a scary player with good relationships everywhere. Oh, you mean just like Christie?!

Most are expecting Cliff to be the target, especially since Christie and Analyse feel like he “betrayed” Jack by not voting to keep him and think he’s a dumbass for not taking Jack’s ridiculous deal. Analyse, in particular, loathes Cliff but cannot for the life of her articulate why he’s so dangerous or has to go or anything other than an F-bomb. Expected when you can’t spell “Julie.” “You should have f—ing took the deal. I hope that he is sh–ting his pants right now,” Analyse said.

Not really. Cliff himself is expecting to be a target, but it’s also clear that he has absolutely no regrets evicting Jack. This is what he wanted to accomplish during his HOH before Christie’s power scared him off. He knew the other side would despise him and go after him, and he’s fine with it. But Tommy told him that he is not the target but that he might end up on the block.

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Analyse and Christie also want Cliff and the other side to be put back in their place, so to speak. “How it feels to f—ng feel at the bottom, like how we just felt,” Analyse piled on without a hint of irony. Oh, poor babies. Wah wah. It must’ve been so terrible to not be running the game for one week. Can’t imagine anyone else could relate since they’ve only felt that way for, oh, literally every week before last. See, the other annoying thing about the remaining Six Shooters regaining power is that they — Christie, specifically — see it as validation that they are hot sh– and it’s the universe giving them signs or whatever that they’re playing the right game.

Kat also thinks Cliff is Tommy’s target, even though, as Nicole points out, Nick did the same thing Cliff did by letting Jack think he might vote for him but ultimately not. Nick has just been a sycophant to that entire Six Shooters side, and he’s still playing both sides, which everyone has caught on to. Nick told Nicole that he thinks Kat and Cliff will go up, and Nicole relayed it to Kat as if Tommy had said it. Kat told Christie, and Christie, who hadn’t talked to Tommy yet, for once told the truth that Tommy did not say Kat’s name.

“[Nick] is clearly right in the middle of the house,” Christie said. “He is trying to get information about everybody, and then just speculate.” But this unnecessary game of telephone has fostered distrust and annoyance between Nick, Nicole and Kat once Kat told Tommy what had happened and it all trickled back down again. Seriously, no one can keep their mouths shut in this house.

The good news for the underdogs is that America’s Field Trip is finally happening this week. The fan-voted chosen three might think it’s because they’re America’s favorites, but the whole thing is really a vote for your least favorite three (as HOH, Tommy is ineligible). In case you forgot, the three houseguests will compete in a comp, and the winner will get immunity, second place will get a punishment, and last place will become the third nominee. Voting closes Friday at 9 a.m. PT, so the trip will likely take place sometime Friday, which is when nominations are made. This means if the loser is, say, Christie, whose manipulative game has been irking everyone, she may very well end up being evicted since a bunch of people want her out and Tommy won’t get to vote for her unless it’s a 2-2-2 tie.

She’d be manifesting that to happen.

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