‘Big Brother’ blindside: Jack Matthews warns that Cliff Hogg is ‘definitely gonna regret’ nominating him for eviction

“Cliff’s definitely gonna regret this decision,” declared Jack Matthews after Head of Household Cliff Hogg nominated him and Jackson Michie for eviction during Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother.” Following the nomination ceremony the Aquaman lookalike sounded off in the Season 21 Diary Room, declaring, “When I bring home this Veto, this game begins and a line is drawn in the house and I can’t wait to watch it burn.” Seeing as how Jack just voted to evict Cliff during Thursday’s episode, he shouldn’t have been too surprised to see Cliff now return the favor.

“This is not good for Six Shooters,” Jack noted, referring to his newly created alliance that includes Jackson, Christie Murphy, Tommy Bracco, Holly Allen and Analyse Talavera. He continued on, “Cliff wasn’t even supposed to be here, he then wasn’t supposed to win the HOH, and then he wasn’t supposed to nominate me and my boy.” It’s true — Cliff had just been evicted from the house but managed to win his way back into the game by absolutely dominating the Camp Comeback Comp. Talk about a true Cinderella story for this fan-favorite houseguest.

Jack later suggested that he’s not worried about leaving this week, reminding viewers, “I have a power in my back pocket [and] I’m teamed up with people who have powers in their back pockets.” Jack’s power is the Chaos Whacktivity, which gives him the ability to redraw the Veto players if he doesn’t like who’s chosen. And Christie is holding onto the Panic Whacktivity, which allows her to transform the regular Veto into the Diamond Veto and lets the holder name the replacement nominee.

For his part, Jackson was also upset about being put on the chopping block, though for different reasons. He was under the impression that Cliff would nominate him as a pawn against Isabella Wang, not his best buddy Jack. “No bueno,” Jackson harrumphed in the diary room. “I don’t have a choice, I need to win Veto. This is a do or die moment. I’m looking to win and Cliff is now number one on my hit list. I will be coming guns blazing.”

Previously, Christie had told Jackson that she would give him the Panic Power if he won the Veto to let him name the replacement, but at the end of the hour she seemed to be having second thoughts. “The worst part is that Michie is banking on me using my power on him. He assumes I’m going to, but I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” Christie sighed.

Find out who wins the Veto competition during this Wednesday’s episode of “Big Brother.” Also, will Jack use the Chaos Power to redraw the players? And will Christie end up giving away her Panic Power to Jackson? So much potential drama!

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