The black jackets will be parceled out on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 18: Who’s most and least deserving? [POLL RESULTS]

On this Friday’s 12th episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 18  — titled “Break on Through” — the six remaining chefs are put through their paces by Gordon Ramsay in three challenges before five will earn a coveted black jacket and one will be sent home. We asked fans to take two polls and chime in on which players they deem most worthy to go forward and which doesn’t deserve to move on.

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Let’s start with the positive. The overwhelming winner of most worthy was returning Veteran Ariel Contreras-Fox, who previously competed on Season 6 and earned 3rd place. A substantial 45% chose the Brooklyn-based chef de cuisine, 35, as the most deserving to get a jacket. Next was rookie Mia Castro, a 28-year-old private chef from Miami Beach, with 37%. Fellow rookie Motto, 35, an executive chef from Baton Rouge, received the backing of 12%.

On the bottom: Personal chef Bret Hauser, 34, a veteran of Season 14 who hails from Fort Lauderdale, at 4%; Kanae Houston, 25, a rookie sous chef from Los Angeles, at 2%; and Heather Williams, 28, an executive chef from Easton, Pennsylvania and Veteran runner-up from Season 16, who had no one in her corner with zero percent.

As for who is least worthy of a black jacket, 21% picked Bret, 20% chose Kanae, Mia and Ariel tied at 17%, Motto got 14% and Heather had 11%. Things will be interesting this week considering that Mia volunteered to join Motto and Bret on the Red Team and act as their leader. The other female chefs will remain on the Blue Team.

What’s at stake? The executive chef position at the new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant  in Las Vegas and a cash bonus of $250,000. Tune in at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox this Friday to find out which players move on.

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