‘Bombshell’ teaser trailer ticks with tension and a trio of top-notch female talent [WATCH VIDEO]

A pretty but intense blonde woman enters a workplace elevator as the eyes of co-workers follow her movements. She nervously presses the second floor button.  Words materialize: “Based on the real scandal.” Another attractive blonde and two other employees join her. More words pop up: “What started with a whisper will end with a bombshell.”

The elevator door opens and a third blonde walks in and uneasily looks about before fanning herself with her hand and saying, “Hot in here.” She and the first blonde get off on the same floor that is occupied by Fox News Channel employees while the other stays behind and gives them some side eye.

If you are aching to know what happens next, that is the point of this teaser for “Bombshell,” which details the scandal over the abusive behavior towards women who worked for the cable outlet by its founder, Roger Ailes.

Showtime’s recent miniseries, “The Loudest Voice,” focused on Russell Crowe‘s portrait of the rotund  Ailes in an attempt to depict the disgraced cable TV mogul’s ambitions along with his sexualized and degrading mistreatment of female employees that led to his downfall.

But “Bombshell,” the just-announced title for director Jay Roach‘s awards-season offering, puts the ladies who suffered from their boss’s bullying and sexually abusive behavior front and center, as the above trailer reveals. As for the ladies on that fateful elevator ride, they are Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly, Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson and Margot Robbie as a fictional news producer named Kayla Pospisil. That’s one heck of a trifecta of Oscar-able talent. As for Ailes, who would resign as chairman and CEO in 2016, he is played by John Lithgow.

Also in the cast are Kate McKinnon, Connie Britton as Ailes’ wife, Beth, and Malcolm McDonnell as Fox media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Roach is a whiz at bringing real-life news-making events to life on the small screen via HBO. His 2008 “Recount,” about the Florida election recount during the 2000 presidential election, won three Emmys, including for made for TV movie and for his directing.

Next came 2012’s “Game Change,” which delved into presidential candidate John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. That won five Emmys, including for Outstanding Miniseries and Movie as well as for his directing.

“Bombshell” will open on Dec. 20 this year.

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