Brandon Barash (‘Days of Our Lives’) on Stefan and Gabi’s love affair: ‘There’s obviously something between them’ [LISTEN]

“Is there a future, or is there not a future? There’s obviously something between them. They keep going back to each other over and over again, and we’ll have to see how it unfolds,” says Brandon Barash about the tangled web he’s weaving on “Days of Our Lives.” He and Camila Banus have gone from bitter enemies to lovers as Stefan DiMera and Gabi Hernandez. It’s all part of Gabi’s plan to exact revenge on Stefan, but might they be developing real feelings for each other. Listen to Barash tease the storyline in an excerpt from the “Days” podcast above.

“I think that even the smartest people in the world can be idiots in love,” Barash explains. “Sometimes those people are searching for something and trying to fill a void that is un-fillable … It’ll be interesting to see if Stefan suspects. If he doesn’t suspect, if Gabi gets her way, if she does him in, who knows?” The two are business rivals, and also there was the little matter of Stefan helping to frame Gabi for the murder of Andre DiMera in 2018. Then Gabi broke up Stefan’s budding relationship with Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin), but all’s fair in love and war — water under the bridge, right?

The ambiguity of Stefan and Gabi’s relationship appeals to Barash because it gives him the chance to play “the layers of somebody and what’s in-between the lines. You have no idea what he’s thinking. He could have his own thing going on.” But, unsurprisingly, he’s mum about what exactly is going on and where it will ultimately lead.

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