Briar Nolet (‘World of Dance’) overcame epilepsy but got shortchanged by the judges after this ‘stunning’ routine [WATCH]

Many dancers overcome hardships before appearing on “World of Dance,” and Briar Nolet is one of them. The contemporary soloist performed during the second round of Qualifiers, but before that we learned that her entire dance career nearly came to an end when she was a teenager and started experiencing seizures seemingly brought on by her dancing. She was eventually diagnosed with epilepsy, but that clearly didn’t stop her. The judges thought her routine was “stunning,” but did they give her the scores she deserved? Watch her routine above. Then read the judges’ comments below and let us know if you agree with them.

Jennifer Lopez: “We were commenting on how still and calm you were — no nerves, like you’re a performer. That was evident before the music even started. You had tons of athleticism. There were some moves in there that were nuts — the 540, that was crazy. Sometimes, contemporary for me can get a little bit almost stiff, you know? And you had this beautiful, pretty, sexy movement in your body. It was very fluid. It had a real sensual quality to it, and I really love that. I think for me where it fell short a tiny bit was in the musicality and the feeling of the dance … what the music was saying and what you were saying together. So those were all your strong points, and that’s the only place where it lacked for me a little bit, but an amazing performer, and I loved it.”

Derek Hough: “Stunning quality of movement throughout that routine. I was mesmerized. And also, I loved the construction of the routine. You went straight into it, this amazing slide and this freeze — gorgeous. You did a coin drop, which is like a break-dance move,, which I thought was awesome to see in there. So good.”

Ne-Yo: “I loved the super snaky movement in the beginning. It was sensual without going over the top. Great job.”

Nolet ended up advancing to the next round, the Duels, but by a narrow margin. She scored 88s from Ne-Yo and Hough and an 86 from Lopez, giving her an average of 87.3. That was just 2.3 points over the 85-point threshold she needed to advance. What’s more, she was the lowest scoring performer in the Upper Division during Qualifiers 2. Did she get shortchanged by the judges, or does she really need to improve her musicality as Lopez critiqued? Vote below to let us know if you thought she was the best of the night.

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