Burping girl is fans’ favorite ‘American Idol’ contestant from wacky season 17 premiere [POLL RESULTS]

Of the four wacky contestants who were featured in the Season 17 premiere of “American Idol,” “burping girl” is by far the fans’ favorite. Also known as Margie Mays, this 25-year-old this dog walker from Wilmington, DE startled judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie with her energetic personality that included uncontrolled belching and bird chirping. Margie earned 70% of the vote in our recent poll that asked viewers to name their favorite wacky singer, with mystic death creature vocalist VoKillz coming in at 15%, church pop singer Uche at 9% and lying rapper Nick Rogers at 6%.

“I have never seen anybody with so much energy,” Luke declared when Margie first stepped into the audition room. Her flighty responses to the judges’ questions prompted Katy to ask, “How many cups of coffee did you drink today?” When Margie responded that she just had one cup, Katy told her, “Don’t ever drink coffee again.”

Just prior to her performance of “Shot,” Margie noticed the strange way in which Lionel was looking at her. “Are you scared of me? Are you okay?” Margie asked the legendary artist. “I am totally afraid of you,” he deadpanned.

When all was said and done, the judges were floored by Margie’s vocal abilities. Katy declared, “You’re literally a star,” which caused Margie to curse and bend over, seemingly in pain. “I want to cry!” Margie finally said in response. “This day is too much for me. It’s crazy. That is seriously what I’ve dreamed my whole life. What is happening to me?”

Despite Margie’s burping, chirping and screeching, the judges fell in love with her and sent her through to the next round of “American Idol.” Well, technically, just Katy and Luke voted “yes.” Lionel was a bit weirded out and so he gave her a “no” vote because he wanted to “scare [her] to death and know the seriousness” of the competition.

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