Burping Girl, aka Margie Mays, advances to ‘American Idol’ Top 40 thanks to ‘Greatest Showman’ ballad [WATCH]

Margie Mays, who earned the nickname “Burping Girl” because of her penchant for belching when she sings, has advanced to the Top 40 of “American Idol” Season 17. The quirky 25-year-old dog walker from Wilmington, DE sang the “Never Enough” ballad from “The Greatest Showman” during the solo round of Hollywood week and prompted judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie to wonder whether she even knew how good she actually was. Watch Margie’s “American Idol” performance above.

Prior to her show-stopping number, Margie was a nervous wreck as she worked on the song with the show’s vocal coach Nicholas Cooper. She later announced, “Making it through the first two rounds of Hollywood week and finally being in the solo rounds? This whole journey is exhausting, intimidating, it’s like everybody around me is so good. I’m not gonna be the strongest singer.”

Margie continued on, “This is a dream that was way too big to say out loud. I’ve been working toward this for a long time. I’m just in shock that I’m here. I left my heart on the floor, so I truly hope I did enough to let me stay, to let them let me through. I really … I pray.” Margie ended up getting her wish as she was soon named one of the Top 40 singers to advance to next week’s first-ever Hawaii showcase round.

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Back in her first audition of “Shot,” Margie’s energetic responses to the judges’ questions prompted Katy to ask, “How many cups of coffee did you drink today?” When Margie responded that she just had one cup, Katy told her, “Don’t ever drink coffee again.” The two then engaged in a sort of secret language that included bird chirping and making invisible boxes over their heads.

When all was said and done, the judges were floored by Margie’s vocal abilities. Katy declared, “You’re literally a star,” which caused Margie to curse and bend over, seemingly in pain. “I want to cry!” Margie said while physically cringing. “This day is too much for me. It’s crazy. That is seriously what I’ve dreamed my whole life.” Are you happy that Margie has made it to the next round of “American Idol”? Sound off in the comments section.

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