Carter Lloyd Horne vs. Jacob Maxwell: Which heartthrob do YOU think won ‘The Voice’ live Cross Battle? [WATCH]

During Monday’s episode of “The Voice” live Cross Battles, Carter Lloyd Horne of Team Blake Shelton faced off against Jacob Maxwell of Team John Legend. Both coaches referred to their young, blond-haired singers as “heartthrobs,” but their voices couldn’t have been more different. Now that NBC’s reality TV show has given the power to the people, we want to know who YOU think won this live Cross Battle. Watch “The Voice” videos above and below, and then be sure to tell us down in the comments section which artist you voted for.

Carter’s performance of “Way Down We Go” had Blake instructing America, “If you record this show — which I’m sure you do, it’s the freaking ‘Voice’ — I want you to go back and look at Carter in the blind auditions and then listen to him again tonight and see how far this guy has come already in this competition. Man, you have this rich, incredible deep baritone voice that’s so cool, so unique. It’s still getting better before our very eyes, so great job tonight. Vote for Carter!”

Jacob took on “You’re Still the One” and earned raves from his coach. “Jacob, I told you in rehearsals that a lot of people would do more fireworks when they sing, but something about your tone is just so beautiful and rich,” declared John. “I would love to hear a record with Jacob’s voice on it. It’s just so special.” John also apologized for pitting Jacob against Carter since he didn’t know the two had grown to become best friends behind the scenes.

In his “The Voice” live blog, our recapper John Benutty had this to say about the live Cross Battle: “With ‘Way Down We Go,’ Carter definitely proved that he can be one of the male artists that drums up the support of the female voters. The bottom register of his voice that the song hung in was sexy and soulful with slight hints of country rock. Jacob went with the country song ‘You’re Still the One,’ a track that is more classically romantic, and though he sang it really well his stage presence wasn’t as engaging as Carter’s and left something to be desired.”

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