Casting Society of America: 2019 Artios Awards winners include ‘BlacKkKlansman,’ ‘Green Book,’ ‘Vice’

The casting branch of the academy is only five years old and doesn’t have an Oscar category of its own. However, the Casting Society of America has been handing out the Artios Awards for 34 years (“Artios” is from the ancient Greek meaning “perfectly fitted.”). This year’s awards took place on Thursday (Jan. 31) on both coasts. At the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, winners included three of the Oscar frontrunners for Best Picture: “BlacKkKlansman,” “Green Book” and “Vice.” (see full list of winners below).

In addition to the seven film categories listed below, the Atrios Awards honored Laura Dern with the Lynn Stalmaster Award for Career Achievement while Tina Fey and Jeff Raymond received the Marion Dougherty New York Apple Award and casting directors Robert J. Ulrich, Eric Dawson and Carol Kritzer were feted with the Hoyt Bowers Award.

Last year’s big budget winners were the war movie “Dunkirk and the musical “The Greatest Showman” while”Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” and “Lady Bird” took the equivalent prizes in the independent division. “Beach Rats” won the low budget award while “Coco” claimed the animation award.

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“The Ballad of Buster Scruggs”
Ellen Chenoweth, Jo Edna Boldin (Location Casting), Susanne Scheel (Associate), Marie A.K. McMaster (Location Associate)

“Deadpool 2”
Mary Vernieu, Marisol Roncali, Corinne Clark (Location Casting), Jennifer Page (Location Casting), Yumi Takada (Location Casting), Nina Henninger (Location Casting), Raylin Sabo (Associate)

“Game Night”
Rich Delia, Tara Feldstein Bennett (Location Casting), Chase Paris (Location Casting), Adam Richards (Associate)

X – “Green Book”
Rick Montgomery, Meagan Lewis (Location Casting), Thomas Sullivan (Associate)

“Mary Poppins Returns”
Bernard Telsey, Tiffany Little Canfield, Conrad Woolfe (Associate), Sarah Trevis (UK Associate)


“A Star is Born”
Mary Vernieu, Lindsay Graham, Raylin Sabo (Associate)

“Boy Erased”
Carmen Cuba, Tara Feldstein Bennett (Location Casting), Chase Paris (Location Casting), Shelby Cherniet (Associate)

“The Hate U Give”
Yesi Ramirez, Tara Feldstein Bennett (Location Casting), Chase Paris (Location Casting)

X – “Vice”
Francine Maisler, Amber Wakefield (Additional Casting)

Francine Maisler, Jennifer Rudnicke (Location Casting), Mickie Paskal (Location Casting), Amber Wakefield (Associate)

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“Book Club”
Kerry Barden, Paul Schnee, Avy Kaufman, Roya Semnanian (Associate), Joey Montenarello (Associate)

X – “Crazy Rich Asians”
Terri Taylor, Sarah Domeier (Associate)

“Love, Simon”
Denise Chamian, Tara Feldstein Bennett (Location Casting), Chase Paris (Location Casting)

“Private Life”
Jeanne McCarthy, Rori Bergman, Karlee Fomalont (Associate)

“Sorry to Bother You”
Eyde Belasco, Nina Henninger (Location Casting), Sarah Kliban (Location Associate)


“Beautiful Boy”
Francine Maisler, Amber Wakefield (Associate)

“Ben is Back”
Bernard Telsey

X – “BlacKkKlansman”
Kim Taylor-Coleman

“Can You Ever Forgive Me?”
Jennifer Euston, SJ Allocco (Associate)

“If Beale Street Could Talk”
Cindy Tolan, Anne Davison (Associate)

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“A Private War”
Jina Jay

X – “The Kindergarten Teacher”
Stephanie Holbrook, Henry Russell Bergstein

“The Miseducation of Cameron Post”
Jessica Daniels

“Monsters and Men”
Avy Kaufman, Scotty Anderson (Associate)

Carmen Cuba


“Billy Boy”
Robert J. Ulrich, Eric Dawson, Carol Kritzer

“Dead Women Walking”
Rich Delia, Adam Richards (Associate)

X – “Madeline’s Madeline”
Stephanie Holbrook

Lindsey Weissmueller, Mayank Bhatter (Associate)

Meg Morman, Sunday Boling


“Incredibles 2”
Kevin Reher, Natalie Lyon

X – “Isle of Dogs”
Douglas Aibel

“Ralph Breaks the Internet”
Jamie Sparer Roberts, Sarah Raoufpur (Associate)

Ruth Lambert

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