‘Catastrophe’ creators and stars Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney on sticking the landing for the show’s final scene [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“We deliberately left it ambiguous,” reveals “Catastrophe” co-creator and star Sharon Horgan about the show’s final scene. It left the show’s leads, played by Horgan and fellow co-creator Rob Delaney swimming in treacherous waters, but yet still finally in an unusually happy place in their often tumultuous marriage. “I like the idea of them having a life beyond [the show],” Horgan explains. “The idea was that the fans of the show could write their own ending and I suppose I am sort of greedy for the story to continue, and this whole life is going on for them both. But at the same time we really love that it messed with people!”

“I like to think of it like the camera just ran out of film and they’re still there,” Delaney jokes. “They’re enjoying themselves and they’re happy and they’re faced with a massive challenge and you don’t know how it’s going to end, because that’s like life, you know,” he says. “It makes the audience get involved more and they have to debate it and think about it and talk about it, so even though the show is over, people still have to grapple with it” Watch our exclusive video interview with Horgan and Delaney above.

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Horgan was keen to stick the landing when coming up with the much talked about ending for Amazon Prime. “We really cared,” she reveals. “We thought of that ending about them being in the sea before we started writing the season,” which Horgan admits was the hardest season to write. “We knew it was going to be the last one, we were trying to write a season that was satisfying as a last season, but also not feeling like the end,” she explains. “We didn’t want to repeat ourselves, so hopefully we are saying something new and coming at it from an angle that hasn’t been done before.”

“Catastrophe” excels largely due to the chemistry between the two leads and their refreshingly honest writing. It is a frank and sometimes confronting look at ordinary people in a marriage plagued with universal problems, insecurities and vices while also being genuinely funny. “It’s a comedy. There’s some drama in it, but if you’re not laughing quite a bit each minute, even if serious stuff is happening, then I know I feel like a total failure,” Delaney says, half jokingly, but still acknowledging how important it has been since day one to keep the audience laughing.

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The show’s balance between dark humor, honest storytelling and incredibly sharp one-liners has paid off for the duo. “Catastrophe” is critically acclaimed, and has been a huge hit in the UK for Channel 4, and stateside on Amazon. Horgan earned BAFTA bids for her work on-screen in 2016 and 2018, and the pair won a BAFTA for their writing in 2016, and returned to the BAFTAs as nominees again last year. They also shared an Emmy nomination in 2016 for the show’s pilot, and the late Carrie Fisher was nominated in 2017 as guest actress for her hilariously caustic role as Delaney’s overbearing on-screen mother.

With all the success they have had during the show’s run, both Horgan and Delaney seem most proud of being able to make audiences laugh out loud on a regular basis over four seasons of the show. “I love it! It’s the greatest, it’s the best, it’s a proper drug,” Horgan admits. “There’s loads of things I’ll miss about the show including writing with Rob and hanging out with that team of people, but people’s reactions on the street when a new episode comes out, that’s a real pleasure.”

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