‘Celebrity Big Brother’ 2 dream cast: 10 women include Stormy Daniels, Tonya Harding, Awkwafina and …

Season 1 of “Celebrity Big Brother” was a bonafide success, with such names as Omarosa, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Shannon Elizabeth among the exciting group of contestants. With Season 2 just around the corner, hosted once again by Julie Chen Moonves, it’s time for Gold Derby to make our predictions for who might be entering the house next. Click through our photo gallery above to see our complete “Celebrity Big Brother” 2 dream cast. Below, see our wish list of the 10 women we want to see battling for charity:

Stormy Daniels — Daniels was actually rumored to be a member of the last “Celebrity Big Brother UK” cast and though there are conflicting reports of why that didn’t happen an appearance on the US version in 2019 presents the perfect chance for her to capitalize on her buzzworthy 2018 before her star completely fades.

Tonya Harding — If the awards success of “I, Tonya” taught us anything it’s that America wants more of Tonya freaking Harding in our lives. She’ll be a physical beast in the challenges and a dark horse floater that contends for the win. Mark my words!

Sally Jesse Raphael — You might not know it, or believe it, but Sally Jesse is great fun on Twitter. Her lively personality would be a great mix for a show like “Big Brother” and I think it’d give her a chance to be competitive herself rather than just tweeting about Drag Race every week!

Kacey Musgraves — Okay, as a Grammy nominee obviously Musgraves is not doing “Celebrity Big Brother,” but how legendary would it be for whoever presents the award for Album of the Year to have to say “Kacey couldn’t be here tonight to accept music’s biggest award because she’s currently stuck on a CBS lot trying to outlast Kellyanne Conway on a reality show.” Legends only!

Kenya Moore — Love her or hate her, Brandi Glanville was golden on the first season so naturally we need to follow that up with another Real Housewives appearance. Moore recently took a break from the Atlanta series which opens up her schedule for time in the house. We all know she loves the spotlight, especially when inciting drama is the name of the game!

Awkwafina — Honestly, Awkwafina is going to be a major movie star, but how great would it be to have her effortless humor among the celebrity cast? I can only imagine the stuff she’ll say and faces she’ll make struggling to hold on to a spinning swing while being squirted with ketchup and mustard during a late-season endurance challenge.

Amanda Bynes — Once a promising young actress, later a troubled star famous for outlandish tweets and now sober and reforming her career… Bynes is primed for a major comeback and could use “Celebrity Big Brother” as a path to redemption!

Tiffany Pollard — We are in dire need Pollard on the US “Big Brother” just for the memes! I will never not choke with laughter watching her mistake Angie Bowie’s confiding in her about David Bowie’s death for thinking their housemate David Gest had died overnight in the “Celebrity Big Brother UK” house.

Kellyanne Conway — After Omarosa’s iconic stint, there’s absolutely no way we can go into Season 2 without another controversial member of Trump’s administration in the house. Just imagine Conway challenging Julie Chen’s “alternative facts” during a live eviction episode!

Eureka — If you think a “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alum can’t compete in or even win something like “Celebrity Big Brother” you’d literally be wrong because Courtney Act (Shane Jenek) won the January 2018 version of the show in the UK! When I consider which recent queens would make for good TV, Eureka’s playful, opinionated and controversial personality immediately comes to mind. Bring on The Elephant Queen, darling!

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