‘Celebrity Big Brother 2’ spoiler: Who bolted from the house?

Soon after the end of the second episode of “Celebrity Big Brother” on Tuesday, CBS turned on the live feeds from the house. It didn’t take long to figure out that there had been a dramatic departure sometime after the first Head of Household Ryan Lochte had nominated Tom Green and Anthony Scaramucci for eviction. Read on for spoilers.

We’ve seen 11 of the 12 celebrities taking part but one has been very conspicuous by his absence. Scaramucci, a larger-than-life character who goes by the nickname The Mooch, is nowhere to be seen. But has he gone for good? As several of the other houseguests observed, his photo on the memory wall is still in vibrant color, rather than being grayed out as happens when someone is evicted by a vote.

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We know that Scaramucci was not happy about being put up for eviction. In the Diary Room he exploded with anger, “So I come into the house, we’re making champagne toasts and getting along with each other, and then boom! I’m on the block.” The Mooch faces off against two of the other men in the house: actor/host Jonathan Bennett and comedian Tom Green. Bennett was put on the block automatically after he lost the HOH competition to Lochte. In turn, that Olympian singled out Green and Scaramucci, who are in an alliance with Kato Kaelin.

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That reality TV star was immune from eviction. Kaelin then won the Power of Veto competition which allows him to swap out one of the houseguests on the chopping block. We had wondered if he would go for Green or The Mooch. Now it looks like the latter has made the decision for him. And we learned that Ryan has nominated Kandi Burruss (“Real Housewives of Atlanta”) to take his place,

Scaramucci has a history of only sticking around for a short time. He lasted in his job as communications director for the Trump White House for just 11 days. The dozen players went into the “CBB” house last Wednesday (Jan. 16). If he has exited already, it means he did not even make it a week as a player in this game where the winner gets a cool quarter of a million dollars.

We’ll keep watching the live feeds and report back with the details of the POV ceremony. Stay tuned.

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