‘Celebrity Big Brother 2’ spoilers: Is Team Tomato going to run the whole game?

Team Tomato is dominating “Celebrity Big Brother” right now. Tom Green won the third HOH on Monday, meaning he and Kato Kaelin have won the last four comps in a row. Who would’ve thought they would be the comp beasts of the season? His win, however, tees up yet another straightforward, yawn-worthy week.

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Joey Lawrence is the target and would ideally be backdoored if Kato has his way. And Kato always has his way. Now, he and Tom are a strong-ass team together, clearly, but he’s the alpha in the alliance. He’s completely inflexible once he decides on something and convinces Tom to follow his lead. Tom has better instincts and is far more capable of looking at things from all angles, but Kato immediately shuts him down and has gaslit him into thinking that’s a bad thing. Tom knows there’s something with shady with Ricky Williams — he told Kato Tuesday morning that Ricky is “manipulating me” and might target the two of them next week — but Kato trusts Ricky implicitly when the dude has basically been the rat of the season.

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Tom and Kato successfully got Ryan Lochte backdoored under Kato’s HOH on Monday, which was doubly cruel/dumb because 1) it robs us of tremendous entertainment and a decent player who had a good read on the house; and 2) it robs them of a potential ally. Kato knew it would be good to get Ryan, who was willing to work together and would always be a bigger target, on their side, which they could’ve done after Jonathan Bennett left, but he refused to abort his mission to evict him. It’s like he’s afraid to admit he was wrong. Look, you shouldn’t flip-flop constantly, but you also shouldn’t play this game with this unmalleable inflexibility.

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The new Power of the Publicist twist, which is really just Tyler‘s Cloud app from last season, could be game-changing (really, guys, you couldn’t have introduced this last week so Ryan could get it?), but probably won’t be unless Joey gets it. (Judging by Twitter Monday night, Tamar Braxton probably got it.) Joey needs that or the Veto to save himself, but given how apathetic and clueless about the game he seems to be and all the complaining he does about every little single thing, he might just want to go home and use his own private shower.

The question is, will anyone realize Team Tomato is running the house? And if they do, will they try to do anything about it? Tom and Kato are ostensibly making themselves targets with their comp wins, but who will try to take a stab at them? Natalie Eva Marie and Lolo Jones have a final four with them. Tamar just brings the drama and is afraid to jump three feet off a ledge. No one else has proven capable of winning anything yet, which means Tom and Kato can keep alternating HOHs.

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The downside of the celebrity installments is that a lot of these people don’t get the game or have never seen the show before or are there just for the paycheck. Sure, you have recruits on OG “Big Brother,” but the majority of the casts know the show and the game, and you get strategizing and maneuvering. And while Ross Mathews was clearly the best player of “Celebrity Big Brother” last season, most of the cast was there to play, which made it fun for us. And it’s all about us, isn’t it? The “Celebrity Big Brother” season is short enough; we need as much excitement as we can get.

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