‘Celebrity Big Brother’ spoiler: Did round 5 Power of Veto ceremony change eviction line-up?

With only four episodes of “Celebrity Big Brother” left, be prepared for everything to unfold at a much quicker pace. Thursday’s episode of “CBB” will include the round 5 Head of Household competition and  the naming of two houseguests they nominated for the live eviction vote. We might also get a look at the Power of Veto competition and the POV ceremony. If you can’t wait till the Feb. 7 episode of “CBB” to find out all these results then keep reading. We have all the inside gossip about the latest twists and turns in #CBB2. Spoilers ahead

Tom Green is the round 5 HOH. He won a close fought competition just hours after avoiding eviction. He and his best pal Kato Kaelin had been put in the firing line by round 4 HOH Tamar Braxton. They stayed there after Lolo Jones declined to invoke her Power of Veto. The whole house voted to send Kato packing.

With Tom in charge, each of the other houseguests made a case as to why they should not be nominated. Tom was torn as to who to send to the chopping block. In the end he put Natalie Eva Marie and Ricky Williams in the firing line. The only hope for one of them was to win the Power of Veto competition or appeal for a reprieve to the houseguest that did. But it was Tom that took this title too.

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Again, he was unsure of what to do and spent hours agonizing over his decision – should he swap out one of them for Lolo. In the end, he decided to do just that but in a real head-scratcher, he threw a rescue line to Ricky, not Natalie.

Which of the two nominees do you want to see evicted in the live episode on February 8. Or do you like them both so much that you want to see a substitution in the eviction nominations? Vote in our poll below and then be sure to sound off in the comments section with your thoughts on “CBB” so far.

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