‘Celebrity Big Brother 2’ spoilers: Get ready for a ‘surprise’ move at the Veto ceremony

Comp beast Tom Green won Veto on Wednesday on “Celebrity Big Brother,” giving him full control of the week since he’s also HOH. So he can’t screw up this HOH again… or can he?

Tom is dead set on getting out Ricky Williams, even though Kandi Burruss and Dina Lohan have both told him that Natalie Eva Marie is a bigger threat. That got him to at least nominate Natalie alongside Ricky instead of Lolo Jones, but he’s still not onboard with booting Natalie first.

“I want everybody to unanimously vote to evict Ricky so we have some unity in here, and so I can patch up any hurt feelings with people that have been against me,” he said.

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Interesting, because him being hellbent on Ricky is making people, particularly, Kandi peeved. This is one of those classic cases where a houseguest becomes obsessed with targeting another houseguest and can’t see the forest for the trees. Tom wants to evict Ricky so badly that he’s considering/threatening to use the Veto to save Natalie to ensure that Ricky goes.

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“I’m probably going to use the Veto unless I feel totally confident,” he said. “I’m going to tell them before they are a pawn.”

“It’s going to bite you in the ass,” Kandi said. “You are letting your emotions control you.”

“He is controlling the moves of the other side of the house,” Tom replied. “I feel like you are not going to do what I want you to do, so I’m going to have to do something else to get my goal accomplished. … I’m asking people to vote the way I would like them to vote, so I can get the move I want them to do. I’m playing my game and that’s what I’d like.”

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Sigh. After being stricken with paranoia his last HOH, Tom has a serious case of HOHitis this time. He even believes that if Ricky goes, Lolo and Natalie might work with him going forward, when they’d just be targeting him in the double eviction after his billion comp wins. Kandi told Tamar Braxton about Tom’s renomination plan to force everyone to vote out Ricky, and that of course let to a freakout from Tamar, who’s convinced she’ll be the renom.

“You want to put me up so Kandi can vote the way you want? You back to threatening people again?” she asked Tom.

“You gotta stop using that word,” he said.

“Well you gotta stop doing that bullsh–,” she replied.

By the end of the night, Tom locked himself away in the HOH until Thursday’s Veto ceremony, not wanting to talk to anyone (except for a brief convo with Dina, who had promised to evict Ricky). Tom told live feeders that he won’t reveal his exact plan yet, but he’s going to “surprise” people with his decision because everyone thinks he won’t use the Veto. He knows he’ll be a target numero uno going forward (little does he know there’s a double on Friday), but he wants to make one final big move.

So Tom will probably use the Veto on Natalie, but who will he put in her place? Is this the surprise? His options are limited, and worse, the house could revolt against him and vote out the pawn. The actual big move would be not using it and getting Natalie out because she is the bigger threat, and no one will be expecting it.

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