Charlotte Hope (‘The Spanish Princess’) on exploring the unraveling of Catherine of Aragon [EXCUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“It was really fascinating to me to explore the kind of unraveling of a woman,” reveals Charlote Hope about her lead role in the Starz limited series “The Spanish Princess.” “It is pretty exciting to discover a version of someone that you know the later version of them but not the beginning. I felt like I had a pretty free reign to do what I wanted,” the actress explains. Watch our exclusive video interview with Hope above.

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In “The Spanish Princess,” Hope plays prominent historical figure Catherine of Aragon, who eventually marries King Henry VIII to become the Queen of England during the 16th century. Adapted from the Philippa Gregory novels “The Constant Princess” and “The King’s Curse,” it is the anticipated sequel to the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated “The White Queen” (2013) and “The White Princess” (2017).

The series sets itself apart from other period dramas about the Tudor court because it focuses on Catherine as a young woman, and her journey from fledgling Spanish royalty to English monarch and her eventual downfall. “I didn’t know the version of her that was young, and that was really interesting to me. This is a kind of ‘before they were famous’ story, like an origin story. That’s always fascinating as an actor, because I know where this person ends up, but she must have gone on quite a journey to get there,” the actress explains.

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“I was able to approach young Catherine in a very new way because it has never really been done before,” Hope says, adding that she was most excited about this “version of history, of Henry VIII’s story [where] you flip it and you know his story already, but let me show you the women around him and their story. That is so exciting. I have seen Henry VIII over and over again, but I haven’t seen the stories of those women.”

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