Christie Murphy (‘Big Brother’) weeps buckets after losing America’s Field Trip: ‘I’m starting to feel like America hates me’

There’s no other way to say it: Christie Murphy royally clucked up the America’s Field Trip competition. During Sunday night’s episode of “Big Brother,” Christie wept buckets after losing the special challenge in which America voted for the three competitors. “I’m starting to feel like America hates me,” she cried after learning she’d be the week’s third nominee for eviction … on her BFF Tommy Bracco‘s Head of Household reign, no less.

America’s other two picks were Jackson Michie (who won safety for the week) and Analyse Talavera (who earned a punishment of wearing a chicken costume for the week). Does that mean Christie, Michie and Analyse are the three most hated houseguests of Season 21? Or was there some other method to America’s madness? Give us your theories down in the comments section.

“Tommy’s the HOH. I thought that I’d be able to just breathe,” Christie later said about her “best friend” whom she’d known outside of the game because she’d dated someone in his family. “Not only did America vote me as one of the three people that have to compete for their safety this week, now I’m on the block. I thought that I was tough and I’m not.”

At the nominations ceremony Tommy announced his two choices for eviction: Kathryn Dunn and Cliff Hogg. Soon after learning she was nominated, Kat exclaimed, “Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m crying. I’m such a mess. It just sucks and it hurts.”

Meanwhile, Cliff remained optimistic he might survive the week because Christie’s sitting next to him. “Huge blessing,” he noted. “I think I’ve got enough votes to potentially send her home this week. I have to make sure that I win that Veto so Christie is still on the block come eviction night.”

Who will win the Veto on Wednesday night, and will they use it to save Christie, Kat or Cliff? Don’t forget, Nick Maccarone has already promised to save Christie if he gets chosen to compete and ends up winning. Likewise, if Tommy or Analyse wins they’ll also undoubtedly remove their alliance member from the block.

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