Get ready for some ‘fun format changes’ and bigger celebrities on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 28

Dancing with the Stars” is determined to return with a bang in the fall. To that end, you can expect some new twists and maybe the biggest stars ever.

“We have been pitched some really fun format changes by the executive producers, but right now they’re still top secret and I’m not at liberty to share,” ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke said Tuesday at Disney TV’s upfront presentation.

Burke shared that she and Robert Mills, head of alternative programming at ABC, met with “Dancing” producers a few weeks ago and “got very excited” about their ideas to freshen up the show, which, she assured longtime fans, won’t change the show too much from the one they know and love. “They have some new ideas to surprise and delight the audience in new ways,” she teased.

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“Dancing” is on hiatus this spring, taking its first lengthy break in 12 years following the polarizing and maligned 27th season last fall. Burke believes the downtime has not only given producers time to brainstorm new ideas, but it’s made them all focus on recruiting top-tier names for next season. So say goodbye to social media influencers and YouTubers (no offense, guys).

“Resting the show does help us really, really focus on talent and … help us go after talent,” she said. “We’re going after bigger stars than we have in a long time, so watch this space for future announcements.”

The Season 28 cast will be announced later this summer. Several celebrities have already expressed interest in the show, the biggest of whom is Jennifer Love Hewitt.

“Dancing with the Stars” will air Mondays at 8/7c this fall. A premiere date will be announced later.

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