David Alexander, Kemi Fakunle and Ovi Kabir (‘Big Brother’ 21) exit interviews: Camp Comeback ends as 3 houseguests are ousted for good

“I tried,” says an absolutely devastated David Alexander after being eliminated from Season 21 of “Big Brother” alongside Kemi Fakunle and Ovi Kabir on Thursday night’s live eviction episode. The three of them had been members of the first ever Camp Comeback, which allowed evicted houseguests to remain inside the house until they had a chance to compete for another shot at the half million dollar prize. The three of them were defeated in the “Path to Redemption” contest by the most recently evicted houseguest, Cliff Hogg.

Host Julie Chen Moonves noticed that David appeared the most upset following their elimination, noting he was in tears throughout the commercial break. “I gave it my all out there,” David says. “And I’m so happy for Cliff. Based on the past, he’s not supposed to get this far. And he beat me down twice! I’m so proud of him. It sucks to be out on this side, but shout out to him. He destroyed that competition.”

As Julie presses David to explain why he was just in tears, David has difficulty answering. “I wanted this year to be different,” he says while choking up. “I wanted to go further this year.” Earlier this season, David had made it known that he aspired to be the first African-American male to win “Big Brother.”

Moving on to Ovi, Julie asks why he thinks the Camp Comeback crew was ostracized by the other houseguests. “It’s strictly game a lot of time,” he says. “Sometimes it feels personal when we’re on the other end, but I understand a lot of people are trying to play a game. They just felt it was in their best interest to not tell us information. We have to respect that, but at the same time we have to try to play our game. It was tough.”

Julie then asks Kemi if she was surprised that her friend, Nicole Anthony, narrowly escaped eviction in a 6-4 vote over Cliff. “When you said 6-4, I was extremely surprised,” Kemi says. “This was the first split vote and I thought six would go towards Nicole so I’m happy! I mean, I’m happy that Nicole was safe. I would have hated to have had to compete against her.”

Julie then mentions that David had this game figured out very early on, noticing the alliance of eight and mentioning that couples had began to pair up and combine forces. She then asks if he expected Cliff to be voted out tonight. “I knew the house was becoming split,” David responds. “I had no idea who would go. I heard Cliff was working on getting the power couples out. At that point, everyone is going to vote Cliff out.” When asked which houseguest they hope can win Season 21, David and Ovi are both cheering for Cliff to pull off the impossible. Kemi would like to see Sam Smith take the prize after being impressed with his game play since day one.

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