‘It’ factor on ‘World of Dance’: Derek Hough was freaked out by these creepy teens as an insane clown posse [WATCH]

If you need Derek Hough, he’ll be hiding under the judges’ table. The “World of DanceDuels for the Junior Team Division ended with a literally horrific performance by the teenage hip-hop crew West Springfield Dance. They barely qualified for the Duels, and they were the last-place team in their division coming into this event, but you wouldn’t know it from the fearsome way they attacked this creepy-circus-from-hell routine that probably gave Hough nightmares for weeks. Watch their performance above, and see what the judges had to say about it below.

Derek Hough: “I’m so scared of clowns, you have no idea. You guys are freaking crazy, I love it! I have the hot-cold-everything sweats right now … First of all, that was a huge step up from your first routine in the Qualifiers, so well done. But that was so scary. In front of the little nuggets [in The Crazy 8’s]. I love the theatrics. I love that you guys are who you are. I love the burn at the beginning, spinning on the stomach. But here’s the thing. On a technical standpoint, I feel like the quality of movement isn’t super strong, and I feel like sometimes the concept outweighs the actual dancing. So something to think about if you make it through, but thank you for scaring the living daylights out of me.”

Jennifer Lopez: “Will we never get to see your faces? … I need to have hope to see who’s doing this artistic, really interesting, sinister kind of — who are you, I need to know! Listen, I really like this routine. I asked you why you would take that approach and not let us see who you were, but this is who you are. I really like it. It’s a little dark. I’m like a sunshiny girl, but I like it. I like when it gets a little dark.”

Ne-Yo: “I’ve got to say, win, lose or draw, we will not forget y’all. Y’all are the only ones that have come here and done something like this. I personally love the theatrics. I love the bicycle thing. There were so many good moments, so many amazing moments, but I have to agree with Derek slightly on just the maturity of movement. Everybody wasn’t always doing the same thing at the same time. It has to be clean. So other than that, it was original.”

Alas, it turned out to be a scary ending for West Springfield Dance. They were up against The Crazy 8’s, who were the highest scoring act in the Junior Team Division during the Qualifiers, and the Crazy 8’s ended up winning their head-to-head battle with an average judges’ score of 93.3, compared to West Springfield with 89.3. Did the judges get it right, or were they just scared to see what these psycho clowns would do next?

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