Derek Hough teamed up with ‘World of Dance’ alums Michael Dameski, Charity and Andres for this showstopper [WATCH]

Half of the “World of Danceseason three finale was dedicated to the battle for the world championship, but the first half of the show was a reunion of sorts. Special performances brought back a few favorites from past seasons including Sean and Kaycee, Ian Eastwood and season two champions The Lab. But I was especially impressed by the returns of season two finalists Michael Dameski and Charity and Andres, who joined forces with judge Derek Hough for a performance that would have been competitive for the win if it had been part of the actual competition. Watch it above.

Dameski was the “World of Dance” runner-up last year (though he would have been my personal pick to win), while Charity and Andres finished just behind him in third place. As far as I’m concerned they’re two of the strongest contemporary acts the show has seen thus far, and that’s saying a lot given how much contemporary dance is featured on the show.

Dameski’s physical strength in demonstrated in just how lightly he executes his moves: it takes power to be that precise. Meanwhile, Charity and Andres accomplish some of the show’s most original, acrobatic lifts and transitions. Hough is a dancing champion in his own right, of course, but given the caliber of the dancers he took the stage with, I was impressed by how well he was able to keep up, especially since his specialty is ballroom. His fellow judges tease him for the way he finds any excuse to jump on stage and dance with the contestants. Now I think he should do it more often. Maybe next year Eva Igo and Briar Nolet could get in on the action.

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