Did the right person win ‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’? [POLL]

After 39 days of outwitting, outplaying and outlasting, “Survivor” named the winner of its 38th season on Wednesday, May 15 during the three-hour finale event. (Read our minute-by-minute recap to see how it all went down.) The episode began with a monumental battle between the 11 voted-out castaways competing for a second chance at the million dollar prize, with 25-year-old salesman Chris Underwood prevailing. Chris then did the truly unthinkable by making it all the way to the final tribal council where the jury of 13 voted for him to win in a 9-4-0 vote over runner-up Gavin Whitson and third place finisher Julie Rosenberg. Did the right person win “Survivor: Edge of Extinction”? Vote in our poll below.

All season long Gold Derby readers have been making their predictions for who they thought would win the show, with Rick Devens being the heavy favorite. Alas, Rick came in fourth place after Chris made the unprecedented move of giving up his immunity necklace so that he could compete one-on-one against Rick in the fire-making challenge. Chris’ risk paid off, which earned him major kudos from the jury as many of them had been trying for weeks to get out Rick.

Some of the other players, most notably Gavin, took issue with Chris appearing at the final tribal council since he’d spent so much time out of the proper game. (“The theme is not on trial, you three are on trial,” fired back Dan “Wardog” DaSilva.) In fact, Chris was voted out way back in the third episode and spent the next 27 days on the Edge of Extinction. But Chris made the most of his time back on the island by cementing his bond with Rick, getting Lauren O’Connell to use her idol on him, correctly playing a hidden idol of his own, and winning the final immunity challenge.

Here is how all 13 jury members voted at the final tribal council:

Reem Daly for Chris

Aubry Bracco for Chris

Joe Anglim for Chris

Eric Hafemann for Chris

Julia Carter for Chris

David Wright for Chris

Dan “Wardog” DaSilva for Chris

Ron Clark for Chris

Victoria Baamonde for Chris

Kelley Wentworth for Gavin

Aurora McCreary for Gavin

Lauren O’Connell for Gavin

Rick Devens for Gavin

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