Donny Osmond vs. Neil Patrick Harris: Who’s really ‘The Masked Singer’ Peacock? Make your final guess [POLL]

The Masked Singer” judges are plucking out their feathers trying to guess who’s hiding behind the Peacock costume on Fox’s reality TV show. Is it Donny Osmond, Neil Patrick Harris or someone else entirely? Below, we take a look at the judges’ picks and then analyze the clues so far in anticipation of Wednesday’s exciting two-hour finale of “The Masked Singer.” Be sure to give us YOUR final guess for Peacock down in our poll, and then defend your choice in the comments section.

After Peacock’s performance of Calvin Harris‘s “Let’s Go” in last week’s semi-finals episode, Nicole Scherzinger said that she finally figured out his true identity after being “stumped” for so many week. “I think we [know each other]. I’m just gonna say, it could be Neil Patrick Harris,” she declared.

But Jenny McCarthy didn’t agree, saying, “There’s so many clues, okay? Hosted awards shows, likes magic, a child prodigy — I still think it could be Donny Osmond. But when you think you know, then some other clue happens and you know that you’re wrong and it just drives you crazy.”

Robin Thicke seemed to be thinking one way until Peacock took the microphone and teased, “I’ve gotta tell you something. Robin, on one of my albums I used ‘Blurred Lines’ as an inspiration.” That’s when Robin declared, “Oh no, it can’t be you! No way. It’s gonna be Weird Al Yankovic. He was inspired by the ‘Blurred Lines’ song which he parodied and released an album four years ago. You just gave me too good of a clue.”

“I have dedicated my life to show business,” Peacock said when host Nick Cannon asked for more information. “This mask transforms me into another character. It’s funny because at home my partner would look at me and I’d be walking through the house like this and my partner would say, ‘Let it go, you’re not a peacock at home.'”

As Gold Derby’s “Masked Singer” sleuth Paul Sheehan reminds us, “The Peacock is proud of his show business roots. He revealed he got his start in the business when he was only five (that is how old Donny was when he first appeared on TV with his older brothers), that he was ‘a little teeny bopper’ (the Osmond Brothers were a huge boy band in the late 1960s and early 1970s) and that he has had ‘different incarnations in my career’ (Donny has been host of a variety show, talk show and game show; starred on Broadway; and headlined in Las Vegas).”

The Season 1 finale of “The Masked Singer” airs Wednesday, February 27 at 8/7 c on Fox. That’s when viewers will finally find out Peacock’s true identity, as well as who’s hiding behind the Monster and Bee masks.

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