‘El Camino’ reviews: Netflix’s ‘Breaking Bad’ movie is ‘one hell of an entertaining gift’ and ‘Aaron Paul delivers’

While diehard “Breaking Bad” fans continue to discuss Netflix’s new “El Camino” movie in our forums, TV critics are also sounding off on the Aaron Paul-fronted wrap-up film. And they love it.

In fact, “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie,” which streamed October 11 on Netflix, has a 95% score at Rotten Tomatoes based on 40 reviews. Only two lone critics gave it a “rotten” review, proving it’s impossible to please everybody these days. Of the 38 positive reviews, Rolling Stone’s Alan Sepinwall perhaps summed it up best when he called the telefilm “one hell of an entertaining gift.” See more reviews below.

“El Camino” takes place moments after the 2013 series finale that resulted in chemistry teacher-turned-meth king Walter White (Bryan Cranston) being killed in a shoot-out with white supremacists, and his ex-student Jesse Pinkman (Paul) escaping to parts unknown. Well, those parts are now known.

While driving off into the night, Jesse soon realizes his life will always be in danger unless he leaves Albuquerque for good. After visiting former friends and having flashbacks to simpler times, Jesse goes on a wild journey to locate money at the late Todd Alquist’s (Jesse Plemons) bachelor pad and then tries to track down vacuum salesman Ed (Robert Forster) about the possibility of being “disappeared.”

The “Breaking Bad” movie will be eligible at awards shows in the TV movie/limited series categories, with Paul contending as a lead actor after years of playing second fiddle to Cranson. How will voters of the Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice and SAG Awards receive the Netflix production? We’ll all find out in the coming months.

Here’s what TV critics had to say about “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie”:

Alan Sepinwall (Rolling Stone): “When you have Vince Gilligan operating near the peak of his powers, and taking the time to fix one of the few things the show didn’t get quite right, it makes for one hell of an entertaining gift.”

Steve Greene (IndieWire): “In its construction feels more like a final extension of what made the show compelling, rather than something artificially crowded with canon-shifting revelations or a reinvention of a winning blueprint.”

David Griffin (IGN Movies): “Aaron Paul delivers one of the best performances of his career, which should keep Breaking Bad’s well-earned reputation as a television phenomenon alive and well for years to come.”

Yohana Desta (Vanity Fair): “It’s as torturous and nerve-racking as any Breaking Bad episode, with bursts of nostalgia that will catch any fan off guard and remind them of what made the show so good.”

Shirley Li (The Atlantic): “Lives up to ‘Breaking Bad’s’ legacy of propulsive storytelling. The film is a visceral, ruminative, and emotionally satisfying epilogue.”

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