Elektro Crew’s ‘World of Dance’ Duels performance was a real ‘Thriller’ [WATCH]

“I feel like they picked us because they feel like they can beat us, but it was definitely a huge mistake, and we came to show them that,” said Myson, the team leader for Elektro Crew, after they were challenged by MKAM during the Duels on “World of Dance.” Did MKAM live to regret their choice? Watch Elektro Crew’s performance above, and see what the judges had to say about their routine below.

Ne-Yo: “I remember you guys from the Qualifiers. You made it through by the skin of your teeth. I definitely saw a lot of improvement tonight from you guys’ first piece … The energy was good. I love when I can look at what’s going on and not have to ask too many questions about the narrative. Thank you very much for that, for making me not have to think so hard. If I must critique anything, you guys were slightly off of each other a little bit. In the tutting section, some people were moving a little faster than other people. I’m being nitpicky because this is the Duels and I have to.”

Jennifer Lopez: “Even though you had this kind of ‘Thriller’ concept, which I love, you still kept it a battle, and that was really important. I love the little shoulder groove that y’all did over here, and then the little swoopity-swoop step to the side. That was sick … Honestly, I thought when they came and they started doing all this voguing, tutting, whatever you want to call it, that was really effective … I thought it really helped us get through to the end in a strong way.”

Derek Hough: “When MKAM came out, I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous for you guys, but you guys fought back. And no disrespect, but I feel like you guys’ quality of movement, your texture of movement and the way you hit things is actually better than MKAM. I felt it. But on the flip side, sometimes it gets a little bit too intricate to where I can’t read the pictures as well”

Elektro Crew ended up winning the head-to-head battle, but it was the closest Duel of the night. They averaged 91.0 from the judges while MKAM received 90.7. As Ne-Yo pointed out, that was a significant improvement from their Qualifiers performance, which scored only 86.3. But out of the six teams that advanced to the next round, Elektro Crew had the fifth best score, so they’ll have to outdo themselves again in the Cut since the Junior Team Division may turn out to be the most elite division this season.

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