Fans want these 5 FEMALE ‘Survivor’ champs to return for potential all-winners Season 40 [POLL RESULTS]

SurvivorSeason 39 doesn’t debut until the fall, but that’s not stopping fans from getting excited about a potential all-winners edition for Season 40. In our recent poll that asked viewers to vote for their favorite FEMALE winner of all time, these five earned the highest support: Parvati Shallow (“Fans vs. Favorites”) at 29%, Sandra Diaz-Twine (“Pearl Islands” and “Heroes vs. Villains”) at 17%, Tina Wesson (“The Australian Outback”) at 9%, Jenna Morasca (“The Amazon”) at 7% and Natalie Anderson (“San Juan del Sur”) at 7%. Do you agree or disagree with our readers’ poll results? Sound off down in the comments section.

Many fans consider Parvati to be the most savvy castaway to ever play “Survivor,” thanks in part to the effortless way in which she convinced Erik Reichenbach to give up his immunity necklace in “Fans vs. Favorites.” Parvati and her fellow femme fatales then promptly voted him out. Parvati ultimately won the $1 million check with a 5-3 vote over Amanda Kimmel.

Of course, Queen Sandra still remains the show’s only two-time champ. She won “Pearl Islands” with 6-1 vote over Lillian Morris thanks to her carefree attitude and “as long as it isn’t me” voting mentality. Sandra then came back and won “Heroes vs. Villains” with a 6-3-0 vote over Parvati and Russell Hantz after slinking into the background and watching as the other so-called villains took each other out.

Tina was “Survivor’s” first-ever female winner, claiming the victory in “The Australian Outback” with a 4-3 vote over Colby Donaldson. This Tennessee native infamously benefited from good-hearted Colby taking her to the Final 2 after he won the last immunity challenge, because Colby didn’t want to give the unpopular Keith Famie a chance at winning the money.

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As for the others in our Top 5, Jenna won “The Amazon” with a 6-1 vote over Matthew Von Ertfelda, while Natalie won “San Juan del Sur” with a 5-2-1 vote over Jaclyn Schultz and Missy Payne.

Rounding out the complete results of our poll, the show’s other nine female champs all received 6% or less support: Vecepia Towery (“Marquesas”), Amber Brkich (“All-Stars”), Danni Boatwright (“Guatemala”), Natalie White (“Samoa”), Sophie Clarke (“South Pacific”), Kim Spradlin (“One World”), Denise Stapley (“Philippines”), Michele Fitzgerald (“Kaoh Rong”) and Sarah Lacina (“Game Changers”).

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