You don’t need a crystal idol to know that a woman will win ‘Survivor’ 39 — and her name might be Karishma! [POLL]

Is it just me or is this season’s big thematic twist of allowing “Survivor” super players Sandra-Diaz Twine and Rob Mariano secretly tutor designated castaways on the Island of the Idols is pretty much a wash at this point. This week’s episode was the second in a row where their only duty was to sneak into their love shack and comment on the tribal council goings-on — as if they were a reality-show version of “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

Given last week’s insensitive and hurtful handling of #MeToo-like accusations that were exploited as strategy by certain players, perhaps a different kind of tutoring was in order. What did work on episode 10 of Season 39, “Two for the Price of One?” Splitting the merged tribes into two teams during the reward challenge and forcing players out of their alliance comfort zones by voting out a pair of castaways.

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Karma, however, was duly achieved during the two votes when the two most callous contestants from last week’s hurtful social debacle, Aaron (he who said that, as a man, he would know if there were inappropriate touching — bless his heart) and Missy (who took advantage of Janet’s concern for the female players), got the boot.

And guess what? There are six remaining female castaways and just three men left, Dean, Tommy and Dan. And guess who might be in the power seat? The severely underappreciated, supposedly non-threat Karishma (see above). The gal found an idol without even trying (there seems to be a lot of them sprinkled about like confetti this season) while hunting for coconuts after Noura berated her at camp. She only brought back two, but considering how the others view her as not pulling her weight, no one was suspicious.

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This all brings us back to what Queen Sandra (and me) predicted early on. A woman is destined to win “Survivor” 39. Heck, there could be an all-female final three. And I do predict Karishma will be one of them — and she might even triumph as an underdog who rose to the challenge of, yes, surviving. Given that the last time a woman won was five seasons ago, when cop Sarah Lacina went all the way in 2017 on “Survivor: Game Changers,” it’s about time for another one to be the Sole Survivor. Take the poll below and pick your choice of what is the most likeliest to happen? And share your own theories on what likely might happen on future episodes in the comment section below.

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