‘For All Mankind’ exclusive video: Ronald D. Moore on ‘very big production’ of ‘recreating NASA’ for Apple TV+ [WATCH]

“This is a very big production,” declares Ronald D. Moore, executive producer and co-creator of “For All Mankind,” in Gold Derby’s exclusive video (watch above). The new Apple TV+ drama chronicles an alternative history of would have happened if the space race never ended between the United States and the Soviet Union. “We’re starting in 1969 but we’re actually expanding out to 1974 just in the first season,” Moore continues in the featurette. “We are recreating something that really did exist — we are recreating NASA.”

Ben Nedivi, executive producer and co-creator, talks about the “surreal” aspect of working on a show that shifts between three very different worlds. “We’re working on Earth in Houston, Texas. We’re in space. And we’re on the moon on the lunar surface,” he explains. The eye-popping NASA mission control set is an exact replica of how it really looked circa 1969, down to the paint color and even the pens on the desks.

Production designer Dan Bishop is constantly surprised by “how good the sets look,” with executive producer and co-creator Matt Wolpert chiming in about the “level of detail” to the time period. “In our show props are such a key thing,” notes Wolpert, “so when you’re walking through that room, every flight plan on the desk at a console is a real flight plan.”

Joel Kinnaman, who takes on the lead role of astronaut Edward Baldwin in “For All Mankind,” says all of the attention to detail is “very helpful” to an actor’s performance. “You step into this world that is very meticulously built. It just feels truthful and it just feels right.”

Supporting actress Sonya Walger, who plays Molly Cobb, the first American astronaut to the moon, proclaims, “The level of authenticity at every single level — from wardrobe, to set, to the period detail of our makeup, our everything — it all contributes, and it’s not arbitrary.”

The first three episodes of “For All Mankind” premiered November 1 on the Apple TV+ streaming service, with new episodes to follow weekly throughout the year.

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