‘World of Dance’: Did Fuego Dance Crew really deserve the best score of Qualifiers 2 for this ‘arrogant’ routine? [WATCH]

During the second week of Qualifiers on “World of Dance,” the five hip-hop dancers who make up Fuego Dance Crew were quick to embrace their boy-band appearance — their clip package was even set to the Backstreet Boys — but did their performance live up to their cocky swagger? The judges sure thought so. The routine earned them the highest score of the night, and one of the highest scores of any act this season so far. Watch their performance above, and read what the judges had to say about it below. Let us know if you agree with them.

Derek Hough: “First of all, just the clarity in your movement, you guys were so unbelievably clean, and every move had the proper intention. Every move was so thought out. It was like, this is a pop, this is a stab, this is impact motion … And that move in the middle — if I’m at home watching that on TV, you’d best believe I’m going to rewind that part. That part was sick. And that one-arm lift, bro — come on, man!”

Ne-Yo: “Yeah, that was a ‘whoo’ moment. I almost fell off the back of the [judges’ platform]. The arrogance was like, ‘Yeah, we’re here, and we deserve to be here, and now we’re going to show you.’ And that’s exactly what you all did, showed us that you deserve to be here.”

Jennifer Lopez: “It was very arrogant, the whole thing. It was great … I love the Bad Bunny song — that was fire. There was a little piece in the middle where it kind of flat-lined for a second, but luckily … it was like they came back to life at the end. You’ve got to be careful of that. You guys have a full arsenal, so don’t get lazy halfway through. You’ve got to make sure at that point you start building. You’ve got to start running for the finish line. You only have a short amount of time up there. And you guys are awesome.”

Despite Lopez’s criticism that their performance flagged in the middle, she gave the five guys a sky-high score of 95. Meanwhile, Hough gave them a 94 and Ne-Yo scored them 92, resulting in an average of 93.7. That’s the third highest score for any qualifying performance thus far, behind only The Kings and Lauren Yakima. Were they really the best of the best on Sunday night? Vote in our poll below to let us know.

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