‘Game of Thrones’ fans react to season 8 trailer: ‘This season will slay so hard,’ and ‘Lena Headey is coming for her Emmy’ [WATCH]

Game of Thrones” premiered its official trailer for season eight on Tuesday morning, March 5, and in less than an hour it had already racked up almost half a million views on YouTube. So how does it look? Our forum posters are, shall we say, excited for the season premiere on April 14. Or to be more specific, they’re “so excited and so terrified,” and they “don’t want this to end.” Scroll down for a sampling of more of their comments below.

Alas, the end really is near. This will be the last season of “Game of Thrones,” and it will consist of only six episodes that are likely to be jam-packed considering how much ground there is left to cover, how many threats still need to be vanquished, how many claimants to the Iron Throne are still in play, and how many lovers still need to learn they’re secretly related — looking at you, Jon and Daenerys (Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke).

Our forum posters are also anxiously anticipating the Emmys. “We know it’s winning Drama Series,” contributor Luca Giliberti boldly proclaims, but can it finally win an acting award for someone besides three-time Best Drama Supporting Actor champ Peter Dinklage? Lena Headey doesn’t say much in the trailer, but poster Mukund says she “absolutely slayed it with just a look,” so she’s “coming for her Emmy.”

See what else our readers had to say about the trailer below, and join the discussion right here in our forums.

Tyler: “I’m so excited and so terrified.”

Stegeo: “It looks spectacular.”

Seven: “This season will slay so hard. The ratings will be through the roof.”

Luca Giliberti: “I just cried. That was beautiful. I’m not ready … Maisie Williams looks like she’ll have some great material. Yay!”

Mukund: “Lena Headey is coming for her Emmy … Headey absolutely slayed it with just a look.”

methaddiction: “They always under-use Cersei in the trailers, but Lena ends up having great material anyway.”

mafro987: “They put Greyworm and Missandei in the trailer and not Melisandre.”

Kay: “Man, I don’t want this to end — ugh.”

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