‘Game of Thrones’ could tie a record at the Emmys, but break a record at the Gold Derby Awards

Have you voted for the nominations in our 2019 Gold Derby TV Awards yet? Hundreds of users have already cast their votes for the best shows and performances from the 2018-2019 season, but if you haven’t already you can still vote for the next three weeks until the deadline on July 21 — do it right here in our predictions center. And even if you already have cast your votes you can keep amending and revising your ballot until July 21 as often as you like; your votes will not be finalized until then. History is up for grabs for “Game of Thrones.” It’s poised to tie a record at the Emmys. But it could break a record at our kudos.

If “Game of Thrones” wins Best Drama Series at the Emmys, it will tie the record for the most victories in that category with four apiece. “Hill Street Blues,” “L.A. Law,” “The West Wing” and “Mad Men” also won four times. “Thrones” is aiming for its fourth Best Drama victory at the Gold Derby Awards too, but since these awards were created in 2004 no show has won that many times. Currently “Thrones” is tied with “Lost,” “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” at three apiece.

“Thrones” certainly has a devoted fan base on par with our past multiple champs. Of course, this final season of the epic fantasy series also had a number of detractors. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but some folks on the internet were kinda mad about the show’s character, story and even lighting decisions in its last year. Thankfully for the show our users don’t have the option of casting negative votes, but whether you’re a die-hard defender or one of those naysayers rooting for “Thrones” to be usurped, there’s no better derby democracy than our awards.

Sign in here. Or sign up if you haven’t already. Pick your top three in every category you’d like to vote in, ranked in order of preference. Those votes will be tallied and then the nominees will be announced on Wednesday, July 24. See our original Gold Derby Awards announcement for more detailed voting instructions.

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