Give Maisie Williams an Emmy for this incredibly convincing ‘Game of Thrones’ prank [WATCH]

Maisie Williams is in third place in our Best Drama Supporting Actress odds for “Game of Thrones,” but she should be in first place for her actually believable April Fools’ Day prank on Monday’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (watch above).

The bit starts out blandly enough, with Fallon asking Williams to list Arya’s biggest moments on the series. Then he tosses in the requisite question about Season 8 spoilers. Williams gives the generic party line about being hush-hush otherwise HBO “would absolutely kill me.” Pressed for one itty bitty tease, she launches into another long answer that you think will say nothing at all. But then:

“During shooting, the final days were really emotional saying goodbye to all of the cast,” she says. “Because when I found out that Arya died in like the second episode, I was…”

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Now this is when her Emmy clip starts. A look of horror washes over her face. Her eyes pop out. Her hands are writhing. You can feel the sweat she’s forcing her pores to produce from the screen. She asks Fallon if the show is live and if he could edit out her slip-up. She frantically searches offscreen for confirmation from a publicist that HBO will indeed kill her. Then she abruptly runs backstage, leaving Fallon and the audience utterly confused that for a split nanosecond you think her bombshell might actually be real. This is what you call Acting. The commitment. The focus. The range.

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Fallon chases after her, and the two emerge from behind the curtain, yelling, “April Fools’!” Wow, you really got us there, guys.

Of course, Williams isn’t dumb enough to drop such a huge spoiler (her name is not Mark Ruffalo or Tom Holland), but now we know Arya isn’t the only one with lots of faces.

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