Dear Glenn Close: 5 reasons why you’re this awards season’s biggest winner

Well, Glenn…I’m not even sure where to begin.

I consider you to be one of the world’s greatest actresses. And I say that as someone who has been watching your dazzling work in film, television and theatre for almost four decades.

I also consider you to be the world’s greatest actor to have never received the Academy Award. After seeing your superb performance in “The Wife” last year, I was certain that that was going to change. In December, I presented my “Five Reasons Why Glenn Close Will Win the Best Actress Oscar.” Once you pulled off that upset victory at the Golden Globes, we all declared that the race was over. You were a shoo-in.

Words can’t express how devastated so many of us felt when it turned out that we were wrong. I honestly couldn’t believe my ears when the announcement was made. I was sure that it was just a mistake, like the famous Best Picture debacle two years ago. I kept waiting for a frazzled accountant to take to the stage and make the correction.

Even though that didn’t happen and you left the Dolby Theatre without the Oscar, I still believe that you are very much a champion. And I mean the ULTIMATE champion.

Here are five reasons why you are truly this awards season’s biggest winner.

1. You’re now among the most-nominated actresses in Academy Awards history.
While so much attention was paid to the fact that you’ve never received the Oscar, there’s an important piece of information that has been largely overlooked. With your seventh career bid for “The Wife,” you now rank as one of the fifth most-nominated actress of all time. You share that position with late legends Ingrid Bergman and Greer Garson, as well as Cate Blanchett, Judi Dench, Jane Fonda and Kate Winslet. That’s pretty distinguished company. And among living ladies, only “The Iron Lady” herself Meryl Streep has received more nominations. Sure, you’ve never nabbed the prize. But being invited to the party seven times over a span of 36 years proves that you’re incredibly popular with the exclusionary academy.

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2. You won the Screen Actors Guild Award.
The general consensus is that you probably just missed the Oscar this year because you were the only representative from your film. Meanwhile, Best Actress Olivia Colman benefited from appearing in Best Picture contender “The Favourite,” which had a towering 10 nominations. To put it simply, the math favored Colman. All those academy members who had nominated “The Favourite” in fields such as Cinematography, Film Editing and Costume and Production Design were more inclined to vote for someone like her – whose film also displayed a mastery of their crafts. Meanwhile, the SAG society selected YOU. That’s a group of over 100,000 people who work primarily as actors and entertainers. SAG and Oscar recipient Frances McDormand has said that her SAG Awards means more to her than her Oscars, because they came directly from her peers. This year, your SAG peers preferred you – which should make you profoundly proud.

3. You showed the world what a class act you are. Losing isn’t easy for anyone.
It’s especially difficult when you have to do it with a billion people watching. Yet you demonstrated exactly how to lose with grace. You gave Colman your full respect, and smiled good-naturedly when she apologized for the outcome. Many people in your predicament would have skipped the parties, but you held your head (and heels) up high as you danced the night away. You made your fans feel better when you told the press how “good” you were feeling, and even jokingly apologized to the people who had bet money on you. You may not have been named Best Actress, but you definitely deserve a trophy for being the best sport.

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4. You’re officially the biggest loser.
Having watched your hilarious turns in the likes of “101 Dalmatians,” “Mars Attacks!” and “The Stepford Wives,” I know that you have a wicked sense of humor. So surely you can laugh at the fact that you’re now the single most nominated actress without a win in Oscar history. For the past seven years, you’ve had to share that distinction with Deborah Kerr and Thelma Ritter. Do you think that anyone would be talking about them today if they had actually won the Oscar? (There would hardly be a care about Kerr or a tweet on Twitter about Ritter.) Now that you’ve selfishly claimed the title of “la grand dame loser” all to yourself, you might as well own it. Flaunt it. Have FUN with it. In fact, think of all the attention that you have received for NOT winning the Oscar. I dare say that there’s been more discussion about you than all of this year’s winners combined. (Look at all these Gold Derby articles!) Everywhere I go, I hear nothing but outrage about the Academy’s failure to honor you again. It seems that the entire world has fallen in love with you after the perceived injustice. Enjoy it while it lasts, because you won’t be a loser for long. (Keep reading…)

5. You’re going to win the Oscar on your eighth try.
Going through another awards season is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. But that will hopefully change in due time. And it better. Now that “Sunset Boulevard” has been given the green light, you have the perfect vehicle to give you a smooth ride to victory. Perhaps it’s actually better that you didn’t prevail for “The Wife,” as your Tony-winning role in “Sunset Boulevard” seems more like a career-capper. And it will be a fitting way for you to finally claim the crown. After decades of being so “Close” to the Academy Award, you’ll ride off into the “Sunset” with the glorious Oscar gold.

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