‘Hell’s Kitchen’ episode 11 exclusive video: There is no skating around having to create devilishly romantic desserts [WATCH]

For someone who has at least one hot-headed meltdown per episode, it kind of makes sense that Gordon Ramsay has a thing for icy substances. Earlier this season he brought in a pile of snow onto the “Hell’s Kitchen” set and made the chef-testants compete in a sledding contest. This week, he has two champion figure skaters, Karolina Calhoun and Collin Brubaker, perform an ice-dancing routine for the seven remaining players minus rookie Jose DeJesus, who was shooed away last week during elimination. Watch the exclusive Episode 11 video clip above.

Veteran Bret Hauser is not impressed by the slippery waltz, hissing, “I don’t do ice skating or ice dancing or ice anything. I live in South Florida.” However, Ramsay practically swoons over the spectacle, saying, “Of all of the Olympic sports, ice dancing is truly the most romantic.” The chef then tries to woo Motto into revealing whether he ever gets romantic. The rookie’s reply is cheekily amusing but you should hear it for yourself.

So what does this have to do with a food competition? According to Ramsay, there’s nothing more romantic in the culinary world than dessert. Just to slide home the point, the male skater hands his partner a cupcake. Motto, now a spokesperson on the topic, explains, “You want that treat, that excitement at the end.”

Meanwhile, Brett as usual gets down to the real nitty-gritty, declaring, “Put you in the mood for the after dinner get down.” As anyone who has seen “A Star Is Born” knows, frosting can serve as an aphrodisiac. The task at hand: Each chef must create one spectacular, delicious dessert in 60 minutes. Tune in to Fox at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Friday for “Hells Kitchen” Season 18, Episode 11 to see what sweet delights they concoct to set the mood.

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