‘Hell’s Kitchen’ 18 finale: Tension boils over while 2 chefs await the verdict [WATCH EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Well, the New York Post officially lifted the lid on which chefs are going head to head on the two-hour Season 18 finale airing on Friday on FOX at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Of course, it is veteran Ariel Fox and rookie Mia Castro, who have pretty much have been dominating the competition for the past couple of weeks on the reality series. The paper touted the fact that a pair of local chefs — Mia lives in the East Village, Ariel in Brooklyn — are the final competitors. It is the sixth time that two women were the final two and the 12th time a female chef will be the winner.

But, as the exclusive clip above shows, the ladies had a little help from their friends. This edition of the cooking contest staple began as “Rookies vs. Veterans,” with returnees from previous seasons going up against newbies. And it is ending that way, too, with Ariel assisted by her former veteran teammates and Mia having the rookies back her up as they both plan and present the last supper as it were. That means the return of bully Scotley Innis and his favorite victim, Trevor McGrath, as well as Motto and Bret Hauser, the fourth and third-place finishers.

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Even though Scotley says he has no hard feelings against his fellow rookie Mia, he is rooting for Ariel to win. Jose DeJesus is backing Mia, saying,”Definitely feel like Mia’s taking this W home.”

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Ariel, who acted as a mentor to her now-rival gives Mia a hug and they congratulate each other. We see Roe DiLeo, Heather Williams and Trevor McGrath milling about. Ariel says, “I cant sit down right now. I feel wired. I feel relief right now. Because we got through the final dinner service.” Meanwhile, Mia — who revealed her ice cream addiction on episode 8 when she went ga-ga over an artisan ice cream truck — is chilling with a container of what looks like chocolate. She does ask if anyone else wants some.

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And there is rookie Kanae Houston, who was denied her rightful black jacket. She yelps and acts surprised as Gordon Ramsay and the sous chefs walk into the lounging area, asking, “Chef Ramsay, what are you doing here?”

Guess we will have to wait until the actual finale airs to figure it all out.


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