Curses, Gordon Ramsay! ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ won’t be back till 2020

“Hell’s Kitchen” fans are in for a bitter disappointment. While the last two seasons of the FOX reality competition series have started on the last Friday in September, the upcoming 19th edition is not on the schedule. This Gordon Ramsay fronted series finished filming season 19 last spring so it is hard to figure out why FOX has not slotted it into the fall line-up.

We may well have to wait until the new year before we see season 19. The last time that “Hell’s Kitchen” was delayed so long was back in 2016 when season 15 started on January 15. But that scheduling made sense given that season 14 hadn’t finished until early June 2015. That worked out to a six-month hiatus for the show.

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Compare that to now, when season 18 wrapped up way back in February of this year. That means the gap between seasons will be almost one full year. But from what we hear the wait will be worth it. Rumor has it that season 19 and 20 were filmed back-to-back at Ramsay’s Las Vegas restaurant in the Caesars Palace casino.

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The most recent edition of the show kicked off a year ago today with the theme “Rookies vs. Veterans.” It was a veteran who ended up winning on February 8: Ariel Fox, who had finished in third way back in season 6, triumphed. While she savored the win, Fox spurned the prize and stuck with her current job as part of the creative team at the Dos Caminos chain of fine dining restaurants.

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