He might be on the Red Team, but Trevor’s blues continue on new ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ episode ‘Poor Trev’ [WATCH EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

No more re-runs. “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 18 is open for business again this Friday at  9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. To refresh your memory, the last new episode to air before the holiday break saw Trevor McGrath‘s rookie nemesis Scotley Innis get the heave-ho from Gordon Ramsay. Perhaps the veteran from Season 8 would get some relief from his foe’s obnoxious verbal bullying.

But, no. His three other remaining teammates — fellow veteran Bret Hauser and rookies Motto and Jose DeJesus triple down on the mocking and abuse as seen in the exclusive preview clip above from episode 10, aptly named “Poor Trev.” Once more, the guys miss out on a reward challenge by blowing a blind taste test, and the ladies earn some luxury spa time.

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Meanwhile, they must make fresh gelato for dinner service as their punishment. Somehow, Trev has somehow broken one of the ice cream turners. As he did with Scotley, he refrains from lashing back at tormentors except when he is speaking before the camera. As the New York City lead chef laments: “Sometimes a clown gets sick of laughing.” Sniff.

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The eight remaining chefs go Italian during dinner service to honor supporter’s of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Waterkeeper Alliance with an all-new five-course menu. But, if you remember the preview tacked onto the previous episode,  the service goes so bad that they shut down the restaurant — and Ramsay takes over one team’s duties. Oh, and the women also start razzing poor Trev, too.

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