If you aren’t spoiler-averse, here’s a sweet bite of the ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 18 finale [WATCH EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

If you have watched the 18th season of FOX’s reality-competition staple “Hell’s Kitchen” as intently as I have, you pretty much know who the likely two competitors facing off on Friday’s two-hour grand finale will be. Those who like their TV viewing the way they like their food– namely, unspoiled — STOP RIGHT HERE!

Otherwise, let it be known that rookie Mia Castro is the chef who will be competing against veteran chef Ariel Contreras-Fox for the executive chef position at Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant in Las Vegas. Those who were sharp-eyed enough probably caught a glimpse of rookie Motto, who chose not not go after the prize, and Bret Hauser, the Season 14 veteran who dropped out after suffering a slipped disc, on a rollercoaster in the preview attached to the end of last week’s episode. Bret learns he didn’t make it to the end during the opening moments of the finale, but he and Motto will play a part in the outcome.

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The clip above gives Ramsay a chance to show his softer side when he isn’t throwing a fit or tossing a plate of bad food against the wall when his contingent of chefs are not proving up to snuff during the fast-paced dinner services. Of course, he loves nothing better pulling a fast one as he tells Mia and Ariel that it is time for their final challenge and that they will be judged by “some of the leading figures in our industry.”

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Before they face the task of preparing for what they hope is the winning meal, he tells them they are about to meet a “special group” who have flown in from all over the country. Two are a legendary team from Arizona — namely, Ariel’s mom Marlene and her dad, Bill. Hugs all around of course. Of course, Mia’s parents, Debbie and Joselito, have arrived from San Juan, Puerto Rico to cheer her on. Says the happy rookie, “I’ve won all but two rewards. But this is, by far, is the best one I’ve received. Ramsay gives them some hard-earned time off to enjoy their family visits.

See what happens after Ramsay stars in his version of “Meet the Parents” by tuning in at 8 p.m. ET/PT Friday to catch more of the exciting two-hour finale of “Hell’s Kitchen” on FOX.

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