‘Homecoming’ co-creator Eli Horowitz reveals Emmy strategy and teases Season 2 [WATCH]

“We’re finishing up the writing now and before too long, we’ll go into production,” Eli Horowitz recently revealed about the second season of “Homecoming,” which he co-created. Delivering a “Creator Talk” as part of the Vancouver International Film Festival’s year-round programming, Horowitz told moderator Liz Shannon Miller of IndieWire (watch the exclusive video above), “We try to make each season be a fully realized unit in itself, so this next season very much flows out of the first one, but we want to tell a complete story.” It has become trendy — and cliched — for showrunners to refer to their shows as long movies, but Horowitz approaches episodes similarly to how he approaches seasons. “I don’t think of it as a five-hour movie,” he explained before adding, “We try to give each episode its own ending and flavor; we’re always thinking, ‘What’s the flavor of this episode and what’s the cliffhanger’?”

“Homecoming” stands out from other television dramas with its half-hour run time, but Horowitz revealed, “We didn’t think we were doing anything so bold” and “no one ever tried to make us not do that.” “Homecoming” marks Horowitz’s first film or television credit and is an adaptation of the podcast of the same name that Horowitz co-wrote with Micah Bloomberg, who has dozens of film credits — as a sound mixer, including BAFTA-nominated work on 2013’s “All is Lost.”

Their first collaboration, the pair did not meet in person until after they had finished writing the first season of the podcast, corresponding from opposite coasts and scripting on TextEdit, with this being the first podcast for each. They found themselves the next year at the head of a big-budget series for Amazon starring Oscar winner Julia Roberts in her first regular role for television. “No one told us anything,” Horowitz said “in terms of how to run a room or anything.” Calling it “a discovery for all of us,” Horowitz noted only that he and Bloomberg took after director Sam Esmail’s “idea of ‘just do it’ basically and you figure it out by doing it.”

Coming off of Best Drama Series nominations from the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Awards, as well as a Best New Series nomination from the Writers Guild of America, Amazon is betting big on “Homecoming” being a major contender for the 2019 Emmy Awards. It was the second complete drama season that voters received on DVD this spring, following only fellow newcomer “Pose” from FX.

Horowitz revealed to Gold Derby that he has submitted the season finale for Best Drama Writing consideration. Reflecting on the season, he justified his entry, “I felt good thinking that if someone got partway through it, they would be rewarded by the ending. We stuck the landing, so we all felt good about that.” Horowitz then acknowledged, “Probably most often, it’s the first episode is the common thing, but for us, the first episode felt like almost a strain. There’s all these things that you have to put into motion and explain and set up and not give away too much and we wanted a slow build, so nothing much happens.”

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