Jason Linden says his shocking ‘Survivor’ elimination ‘sucks’ and was ‘a crazy way to go out’ [WATCH]

Heading into tribal council during Wednesday’s sixth episode of “Survivor” Season 39, the newly formed Vokai tribe was composed of four original Vokai members (Jason Linden, Lauren Beck, Tommy Sheehan and Dan Spilo) and four original Lairo players (Elizabeth Beisel, Missy Byrd, Aaron Meredith and Elaine Stott). Both groups were willing to force a tie and draw rocks, but then Elaine pulled out her block-a-vote advantage she found thanks to her visit to the Island of the Idols. The Lairo foursome used the advantage to block Jason’s vote and then send him packing with a four-to-three vote. “It sucks,” Jason said in his exit interview with CBS (watch above).

“As a fan it’s a crazy way to go out,” Jason declared moments after Jeff Probst snuffed his torch. “It’s not your typical vote-out. It’s not your typical blindside.” With Jason’s elimination, Lauren, Tommy and Dan are now outnumbered at the Vokai camp and face the possibility of being voted out one after another, unless the merge comes soon.

Jason, a 32-year-old personal injury lawyer from New York City, is a self-proclaimed “Survivor” super fan. “This was my dream,” he added. “Despite my horrible start to this game, I really feel like I had my finger on the pulse and I probably got voted out because I was too big of a threat, which I’m gonna wear like a badge of honor.” He concluded, “That’s life, man. You can’t win ’em all.”

Before Elaine revealed her secret power to her fellow Lairo tribe mates, Vokai had been trying to convince Aaron to join their group and vote out Elaine. It seemed as though he was willing to flip in order to avoid rocks, but when Elaine came to him with the block-a-vote advantage, everything changed. That’s why Jason hissed, “Don’t trust Aaron,” when he brought his torch over to Jeff. He then thanked his “friends for life” Lauren, Tommy and Dan for not flipping on him.

According to exclusive Gold Derby racetrack odds, Jason’s ouster was a huge shocker as he only had 42/1 odds of going home. Karishma Patel (17/10 odds), Dan (18/5 odds) and Aaron (13/2 odds) had topped our readers’ elimination predictions for the sixth episode.

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