Jessica Milagros and Christie Murphy (‘Big Brother’) exit interviews: One says Michie will be next ‘out the door,’ the other says ‘Michie’s gonna win!’

The highly anticipated double eviction episode of “Big Brother” Season 21 was expected to bring the drama and it certainly delivered! Just 15 minutes after host Julie Chen Moonves opened the show, Jessica Milagros was evicted over Cliff Hogg in a unanimous 4-0 vote. Jessica had been the main target of Head of Household Jackson Michie all week, so it didn’t come us much of a surprise to see her sent packing.

By the end of the hour, Christie Murphy finally saw her game come to an end as well. A shocking HOH win by Nicole Anthony sent Christie back on the block alongside her BFF Tommy Bracco. After Cliff won the Power of Veto and kept the nominations the same, he joined Holly Allen and Michie in making Christie Juror #6.

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Following Jessica’s eviction, Julie was quick to ask if Michie was right to target her. “No! Not at all!” the plus-sized model exclaims. “I’ll think I’ll see him coming out the door in this next one.” A somewhat surprised Julie then asks if Jessica is sure about that or is she just making an educated guess? “That’s a very educated guess,” Jess responds before looking bewildered into Julie’s eyes. “I would think so! Oh my gosh, are you going to tell me something different? You scare me, Julie!”

When asked if the houseguests made the right choice in evicting Jess over Cliff, she responds, “I personally don’t think so, unless they’re all working with Michie. I was as honest as possible. I was going to go after him and I would have put him up.”

A tearful Christie was the next to get a one-on-one interview with Julie, where she expressed her dismay at being nominated by Nicole.

“I was really surprised,” Christie states. “I can’t say I’m that surprised because this is ‘Big Brother’ and you have to expect it. She’s got to do what’s best for her game. I just don’t see how getting me out is best for her game. Michie’s going to win! He deserves it. He’s amazing, he’s winning comps and he’s actually a genius. I don’t think he’s as dumb as he says.”

But was the house smart to evict Christie over Tommy? “I don’t think so,” she says. “Tommy’s the one that took me off the block twice. I’m not winning the Vetoes for myself. I don’t think it was the right choice, but I want him to stay and I want him to win.”

Early in the game, Christie had said she didn’t want to go to the end with couples. Now that Michie and Holly are still in the house and she’s headed to the jury, does she think she made the wrong decision? “I can’t say it was a mistake because I have to always go with what feels right in my gut,” Christie responds. “I have to make the moves that feel

in the moment. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so vocal about it because that’s my problem all the time. But it felt right in the moment. I’m proud.”

So was having Tommy, a personal friend from outside of “Big Brother,” in the house with her a help or a hindrance to her game? “I have been a train wreck in this house so I feel that having him was my constant,” Christie admits. “I feel I had a piece of home at all times and not everyone is lucky enough to get that. I feel like he kept me sane and talked me off the ledge when I was going to explode sometimes. So I feel that it helped me but I think that him being there for me may have given off a ‘too close’ energy.”

“The universe evicted me tonight because it was my time,” Christie says in her final statement. “I was supposed to get to a final six. Maybe I’m not supposed to win and Tommy is and me being gone will help him get further.”

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